Spiritual Health and Wellness | Finding Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Health and Wellness

Why is Spiritual Health and Wellness important?

We live in a world where people discuss how important it is to work on weight loss and physical ailments.  Often times neglecting to look for different ways to bring awareness to mental health issues such as depression or bipolar disorders.  We do not have to take anything away from those important topics to discuss spiritual health and wellness and the benefits that come with it.  I want to briefly touch on why this aspect is just as important as breathing air or drinking water.  Spiritual exercise will  prepare your mind to deal with what you see before you in the world today.  A scripture from Mark 8:36 says “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?”

Spirituality deals in the unseen.

Many people may not understand how your spirit is not seen yet it’s presence is felt by many.  An example that comes to mind is anger.  People may not see someone exude anger in the flesh but pick up the feeling of it in the environment.  We may may feel a tinge of animosity or even excitement in a crowd of people.

A few examples of how what you do not see completely affect your feelings or sense of awareness.  A person with low spiritual health may exhibit signs of depression or anger consistently.  People are often seeking a meaning or purpose to their life. They may blur the lines of their ethic or moral beliefs.  People in a state of spiritual turmoil may not have any belief system in place to deal with life issues and may flirt with the thought of suicide.


How do we combat low Spiritual Health?

There is no simple one size fits all solution to this problem.  The solution that pulled me out of a spiritual battle was accepting the teachings of Christ and getting a deeper perspective on the spirit realm.  I’m not into telling people what to do with their spirituality but I know God works in many instances especially when seeking a purpose or identity.   Speaking with someone or a group of people whom you can admire or respect may also lead to a breakthrough.  The first hurdle is understanding what the problem is then addressing it.  Reflection time can bring forth self awareness and an ability to pick up on the morale of your spirit.  Praying and meditating of positive thoughts and scriptures may bring forth revelation and spiritual discernment.  We can no longer afford to neglect that we are spiritual beings fighting a spiritual war with the unseen.  I pray for a solution to their spiritual plight.

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What happened to the music Industry| Satanism in the music industry

Satanism in the music industry

Satanism in the music Industry

The deeper and deeper you look into the music industry the more and more you will hear and see symbols, and imagery laced with messages of murder, sex, and suicide.  You may think saying satanism in the music industry is harsh but compared to the lyrics in the music is it a stretch?   No particular genre is safe from what seems to be a satanic hold on the listeners and viewers of today’s music.  I remember when singers were singing of treating others with respect and kindness and treating women with the upmost respect.  This particular article may sound like praise of the 50’s and 60’s but every era had their shortcomings.  A man swooning a woman or speaking about how hard he works was a common theme in music across all genres no matter Black, White, Spanish or religion.  This article is asking for focus and awareness on content rather then judging it.  I’m not here to condemn the music or the artist but more so hold the listener and the creator accountable for what is put out in the world for consumption.

What happened to the music?  Was there always satanism in the music industry?

The music we hear before us today is completely different then decades ago.  Think on the first time you heard gangster rap or sexual pop songs in the 80’s.  While music has always been a reflection of the times we lived in it didn’t quite promote open drug use, sexual deviance, or overt violence.   People will blame hip-hop for the fall of mankind but not so fast my friends.  I remember when hip-hop was full of dance battles and house party grooves.  What happened to Kurtis Blow or The Sugar Hill Gang?  I’m not speaking on the simplicity of their rhyming schemes but rather their content.  What happened to Frank Sinatra and the rat pack?  Many used to be content with the B.B. Kings blues but if sex is not infused with electronic booming drums it will get pushed aside. Who is responsible for what the youth is watching and hearing?  The parents of course.  The responsibility I’m asking about is when parents are not around and music and imagery is being broadcast to the youth over the net and at family activities.

Who is really behind what we see and hear?

The million dollar question is who distributes this music to the world?  The answer can be found with a quick Google search.  You notice the same people own most of the major labels and distribution companies worldwide.  These same people own the major television, news, and movie companies as well including porn.  We are constantly being berated with content that shapes and influences youth and adults alike.  The same community that claims to be God’s chosen has put many in a position of no return.  The people you see performing the music are not the ones who own or get the biggest slice of pie.  The people are  desensitized to destruction and disrespect of others.  I am also guilty of writing and promoting music that has had a negative affect on the world.  I’m not clearing myself just expressing what I see and feel with the music before us today.

What is the solution?

I honestly do not have a one size fits all solution for what I see as a major issue.  The power lies in the hands of the people who purchase, listen, and promote the music.  The artist are not looking to be righteous they are looking to be paid and will say and do what they believe will get them paid.  Industries rely on money to draft their marketing and product plans.  Follow the money and see where your dollars and sense lead to.  The awareness creates an environment where action can be taken.  If we want to stop the increase of violence and sex offenses then we must speak on the truth that has such a profound effect on our neighborhoods.  I’m not promoting the censorship of speech.  My solution is to hold ourselves accountable for what we purchase and promote and let our children listen to.  The music industry is ever changing but not set in stone.  We have the power and ability to fight back and must do so to protect our sanity.


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#GetSom via @dahlia_koca writer of #GrittHouse

We are really ending this decade with a bang. It has been a really rough year for the Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky. He spent a fair amount of time in a Swedish jail earlier this year and he is now ending it with a leaked sex tape. Users of Porn Hub say that a video of the rapper was uploaded earlier this morning. People are identifying the man in the video as A$AP due to his tattoos. It has not been confirmed that this is the artist and he has made no comment on the subject this far.

info: HNHH


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The new case for Reparations |The Self Sufficiency Route

Case for reparations

Black America has built a case for Reparations.

The black community has long called for reparations on the land that it built wealth for many centuries ago.  The America you see now is the  America that was barren 400 years ago. It is now an economical powerhouse. The case for reparations has been catching momentum as of late and is reportedly headed by actor Danny Glover.  America has heard this case several different times and the hearings have always ended the same. TALKING.

The original coalition led by others such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others associated with post King civil rights.  The last major civil rights issue to be handled was the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  This piece of legislation undid segregation and employment discrimination based on color, race, sex, religion, or nationality. Consequences came with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The economy enjoyed a lift, but black wealth was the collateral damage.

What does collateral damage look like?

A transference of assets and ownership that has lead to the average black household to have zero wealth.  I’m not speaking case for reparationspennies or a few hundred dollars either.  Thousands of dollars have trickled out of the black community and right into the hands of other races.  The gap is widening while more black families fall below poverty  and have little ownership in stock or savings.  Many Black Americans wonder how this concept is possible when more black millionaires and billionaires pop up.  The overall wealth belongs to around 5% of Americans while most Americans account for the rest of the economy.

Imagine being in that 95% that holds 5% of the money and accounting for around .05 percent of that figure.  The average black family can expect to have a negative wealth portfolio by the year 2050 if current trends continue.  As the graph provided by MSNBC illustrates, at one point the Black American average median income grew only to crash down while the average white family kept gaining traction and growing.

Why co-operative or collaborative economics make sense.

Activist Malcolm X was a very outspoken advocate for collaborative economics within the black community.  The concept takes money within the black community and circulates it within the community an average of 8 to 15 times. The community can now grow wealth from within.  The black consumer dollar currently circulates about 1.5 times before leaving the community and given to another ethnic group.

Black Americans will see a significant increase in dollar circulation with collaborative economics because it encourages ownership in companies that are black owned.  Spending with those companies and bringing new businesses to neighborhoods where black Americans live.  The average black family would see their investment grow and the power of interest.

The case for reparations built. Insert Fubu2Infinity!

The financial woes of Black America should not be taken lightly and swift action must occur in order to stop the future generations of Black Americans from living on the streets and struggling for basic needs.   In order to bring economic equity one must have a vessel to ride in the wave of  economic prosperity.  The fast growing company has come with a solution that case for reparationsallows black America and those of African descent to invest and own what will be considered the largest economical civil rights movement to date.

Information about the movement can be found on and the video link above.  The Ceo has asked that everyone attend a short webinar in order to get the message and details on how the company works.  Created to fix a need in our communities and bring forth self- sufficiency for all.  We are and have always been great thinkers and creators and now the time is better than ever to bring back black wealth.

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Black Wall Street Reincarnated|New Black Enterprise

Why was Black Wall Street so important?

The financial plight of the African American community has been well documented and dissected.  The real question that has  surfaced since Dr.King’s assassination is what will the community do about it?  We know that marching in the streets and Black Wall Street Reincarnatedsinging glorious hymns have not made much traction in the progress for economic stability.  The wealth gap for African Americans has actually increased in that time frame only causing further damage to our communities.  The Black Wall Street of the early 1900’s has long been burned down, but still no such pillars are present in predominantly black areas.  A much needed revitalization of black america has been needed.  The concept is built around the concentrated effort of recirculating black dollars within the community.  The black dollar is crucial for cultivating community programs and facilitating the growth of black enterprise.

How do we reincarnate Black Wall Street?

The answer is simple as it was given to us by none other than one of our own Malcolm X .  He gave a speech called The Ballot or the Bullet where he explained the power of black spending. Our neighborhoods thrive when we buy black and fail when we do not.  The power of pooling the black dollar not only perpetuates generational wealth but gives us control over our own Black Wall Street Reincarnatedinfrastructures and institutions.  If everyone just invested and patronized more black owned businesses the effects would trickle down through generations, creating the equivalent of a reparations check owed to Black America.  The keyword “investment” means you now have ownership and dividends to be paid out.   The time has come where black enterprise rises across the nation and buying black is no longer taboo.

The revolution has begun!

The name Fubu2Infinity will soon become a staple of the black community for years to come.  This is an opportunity for the growth of  black enterprise that can benefit everyone in Black America.  The instructions are clear and simple. Black Wall Street Reincarnated Go to and register to get more information.  The ball is in Black Americas court and the call to action has been sounded.  We will heal when we learn to love and support one another.  In order for a new Black Wall Street to thrive we must become the change we seek.

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Rheumatoid|Psoriatic Arthritis In Next 60 Seconds

Rheumatoid|Psoriatic Arthritis and plant based treatment.


How does a plant based diet help with Rheumatoid|Psoriatic Arthritis

This article will focus on how a plant based diet can help ease and even reverse the symptoms of Rheumatoid|Psoriatic Arthritis.  Dr. Gregor points out several studies that show just how effective a change in diet can be for Rheumatoid|Psoriatic Arthritis.  The importance in having the desired results is to implement a direct lifestyle change that correlates to the results one is seeking.  The evidence is based on scientific research and clinical trials with sources cited on the original post on  The research and application of this new knowledge will be an important factor in fighting the auto immune disease and the different arthritis types that linger in the world.  I hope you enjoy the information and look for other health articles written for your benefit on

What did the studies reveal?

“Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease affecting millions, characterized by persistent pain and stiffness, and progressive joint destruction—particularly in the hands and feet, leading to crippling deformities. What can we do to prevent it and treat it?

In a famous 13-month long randomized controlled trial of plant-based diets for rheumatoid arthritis, patients were put on a vegan diet for three and a half months, and then switched to an egg-free lactovegetarian diet for the remainder of the study. Compared to the control group, who didn’t change their diet at all, the plant-based group had a significant improvement in morning stiffness within the first month, cutting the number of hours they suffered from joint stiffness in half.

Pain dropped from five out of ten down to less than three out of ten. A drop in disability; they reported subjectively feeling better, significant improvement in their grip strength, fewer tender joints, less tenderness per joint, and less swelling, with the added benefit of losing about 13 pounds and keeping most of that weight off throughout the year. They also had a drop in inflammatory markers in their blood, sed rate, C-reactive protein, and white count. The question is why. What does diet have to do with inflammatory joint disease?

What is the importance of knowing the sympotms of Rheumatoid|Psoriatic Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which your body attacks the lining of your own joints. Why would it do that? Well, there’s a different autoimmune disease called rheumatic fever, in which your body attacks your own heart. Again, why would your body do that? It appears to be a matter of friendly fire.

Rheumatic fever is caused by strep throat, which is caused by a bacteria that has a protein that looks an awful lot like a protein in our heart. So when our immune system attacks the strep bacteria, it also attacks our heart valves, triggering an autoimmune attack by “molecular mimicry.”

The protein on the strep bacteria is mimicking a protein in our heart, so our body gets confused and attacks both. That’s why it’s critical to treat strep throat early to prevent our heart from getting caught in the crossfire.

So researchers thought maybe rheumatoid arthritis might be triggered by an infection as well. A clue to where to start looking was the fact that women seem to get rheumatoid arthritis three times more frequently than men. What type of infection do women get more than men? Urinary tract infections, so researchers started testing the urine of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, and lo and behold found this bacteria called Proteus mirabilis.

Is the key to Rheumatoid|Psoriatic found in our Urinary Tract?

Not enough to cause symptoms of a UTI, but enough to trigger an immune response. And indeed, there’s a molecule in the bacteria that looks an awful lot like one of our own molecules in our joints, so anti-Proteus antibodies against the bacteria may inadvertently damage our own joint tissues, leading eventually to the joint destruction.

Therefore, therapeutic interventions aimed at the removal of this bacteria from the bodies of patients, with consequent reduction of antibodies against the organism, should lead to a decrease in inflammation.

Well, as we saw before, urinary tract infections originate from the fecal flora; the bugs crawl up from the rectum into the bladder. And so, how might one change the bugs in one’s colon? By changing our diet. Some of the first studies over 20 years ago on trying to fundamentally shift people’s gut flora were done using raw vegan diets, figuring that’s about as fundamental a shift from the standard Western diet as there is.

And indeed, within days one could significantly change someone’s gut flora.  Put rheumatoid arthritis sufferers on that kind of diet, and they experienced relief, and the greater improvements were linked to greater changes in their gut flora.

But the diet was considered so intolerable that half the patients couldn’t take it and dropped out–perhaps because they were trying to feed people things like buckwheat-beetroot cutlets buttered with a spread made out of almonds and fermented cucumber juice.

Does is matter if your Vegan or Vegetarian or will both be effective?

Thankfully, regular vegetarian and vegan diets work too, changing the intestinal flora and improving rheumatoid arthritis, but we didn’t specifically have confirmation that plant-based diets brought down anti-Proteus antibodies, until now. Those who responded to the plant-based diet showed a significant drop in anti-Proteus mirabilis antibodies compared to the control group. Maybe it just dropped immune responses across the board? No, antibody levels against other bugs remained the same,  the assumption is the veg diet reduced urinary or gut levels of the bug.

A shift from an omnivorous to a vegetarian diet has a profound influence on the composition of the urine–for example, higher levels of lignans in the urine of those eating vegetarian.

Up until now, it was just thought that lignans protected people eating more plant-based from getting cancer, but now we know lignans can also have antimicrobial properties as well, so may be helping to clear Proteus from the system. Either way, this suggests a new type of therapy for the management of rheumatoid arthritis. This new treatment includes anti-Proteus measures such as dietary manipulations in the forms of vegetarian diet.”

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Cancer Awareness down Prevention up|Dairy & Cancer

cancer awareness

Does cancer awareness equal progression towards eliminating cancer?

The topic of cancer awareness can be a touchy subject especially when cancer has affected so many of our lives in this modern era.   I would believe that all parties involved  would love to see a resolution and end to cancer starting today.  I would like to believe that every agency of non for profit were all in on whatever it takes to rid the world of cancer.  My beliefs may be a little naive as well as hopeful that people are still not agents for greed and chaos.  I know that all organizations that claim to fight or want the best are not always truthful and have a tendency to omit or dance around hard cold evidence that may be key in significantly decreasing cancer worldwide.

This video from Dr.Gregor and the great people at highlights how the dairy industry does not take cancer awareness seriously but actually perpetuates cancer growth.  Please like, share, and comment and help to actually fight cancer.  Please look into my other dynamic articles as well right here on and more content on Facebook.

Studies show contrast in cancer rates by country and correlation with dairy consumption.

“Studies comparing country-by-country cancer rates “have shown up to a 70-fold variation in the incidence of prostate cancer worldwide with low rates in parts of Asia and Africa and high rates in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Northern Europe.” Here’s the map of prostate cancer mortality. Could dairy consumption have something to do with it, given Northern Europeans, Americans, and Australians drink a lot of milk, whereas most non-Caucasians in the world are lactose intolerant? But just because a country drinks a lot of milk and has a lot of cancer doesn’t mean the individuals within the country that are drinking the milk are getting the cancer. That’s why we need “cohort studies,” where you find out how much milk people drink, and follow those individuals over time, and see if those who drink more milk get more cancer.

How does evidence show that cancer awareness is not enough?

There have been dozens of such studies done. Put them all together, and “[i]ntakes of total dairy products [including low-fat milk] were [indeed] associated with increased [prostate cancer] risk.” The question is…why? Maybe it’s just all the calcium. They found that the more calcium people consumed, the higher their risk of prostate cancer. Yeah, but most people get their calcium from dairy.

So, how do we know this isn’t just a dairy effect? Before we start worrying about kale and other non-dairy sources of calcium, it would be nice to see dairy calcium teased out from non-dairy calcium intakes. And that’s exactly what they did. Yes, the more calcium from dairy sources, the higher the risk of cancer, but non-dairy sources of calcium were found to be protective. So, it wasn’t a calcium effect; it was a dairy effect. This suggests that “other components of dairy” may be to blame.

They suggest it’s the animal protein, boosting the levels of a cancer-promoting growth hormone called IGF-1: insulin-like growth factor 1. If you look at 28 studies involving nearly 28,000 people—this is what’s called an albatross plot. Any study to the right of this line shows a link between IGF-1 levels and dairy products, milk specifically, or dairy protein consumption. And, any study hitting this line or over shows a significant association with higher IGF-1 levels.

Should cancer awareness be geared more towards lifestyle change?

This could also explain why plant-based diets can be so protective. Put watch-and-wait cancer patients on a whole-food, plant-based diet for a year—no chemo, no radiation; lifestyle changes only—and get “a significant reduction in PSA level[s],” indicative of tumor shrinkage: their bloodstream becoming nearly eight times better at suppressing the growth of cancer cells. Do biopsies, and you can show changes in gene expression, a down-regulation of critical cancer genes, effectively switching off cancer growth genes at a genetic level. Whereas, if you instead eat lots of dairy after a prostate cancer diagnosis, you may suffer “a 76% higher risk of” death overall, “and a 141% [increased] risk of” dying specifically from your cancer.

Even without IGF-1, the milk protein casein appears to be a cancer cell “proliferation promoting factor,” increasing the growth of prostate cancer cells, at least in a petri dish. And the same thing with whey, the other major animal protein in dairy. See, “nearly 100% of advanced” prostate cancers thrive by upregulating a growth enzyme called TOR. And, dairy protein boosts TOR signaling even higher, which only makes sense. Calves have to grow like 40 times faster than human babies, and so cow’s milk has to be packed with growth promoters, not to mention the hormones in milk. Especially from cows who are already pregnant again.

How does the hormones in dairy have an effect on our health?

This “[c]ommercialized milk production by pregnant cows releases uncontrolled amounts of bovine steroid… [hormones] into the human food chain.” And so, the combination “may [well] explain the observed association between high dairy consumption and increased risk of [prostate cancer].”

“From an evolutionary perspective…the persistent ‘abuse’ of the growth-promoting signaling system of bovine milk by humans over their entire life span [not just drinking milk during infancy] maintains the most important hallmark of cancer biology:” this “sustained proliferative signaling” to grow, grow, grow. And so, there’s this interest in trying “to define [the] safe upper limits for long-term milk and dairy intake for the prevention of the most common dairy-promoted cancer in men.”

But if you look at diet and cancer guideline recommendations, yeah, milk may increase risk of prostate cancer. “However, no recommendation was provided for [cutting down on dairy] because the evidence for prostate cancer conflicted with decreased risk of colorectal cancer.” High dairy intake is associated with increased prostate cancer risk, but decreased colon cancer risk.

Why is the public not aware of connection to cancer growth?

So, it’s like alcohol may be an “intoxicating carcinogen,” but “policymakers hesitate to introduce effective alcohol policies, or even to support the addition of [cancer-warning] labels, for fear they might undermine [any] possible health benefits of alcohol use.” Now, I’ve talked about how the purported benefits of alcohol appear to be “evaporating.” Is dairy really protective against colon cancer?

If you put all the cohort studies together, where they measured dairy consumption and then followed people for years to see who got cancer, milk and total dairy consumption was indeed “associated with a reduction in colorectal cancer risk,” one of our deadliest cancers. Now, people who drink more milk just happen to tend to exercise more, smoke less, drink less, eat less meat—which could explain some of the association.

What are alternatives to dairy?

“However, many of the studies adjusted for [these kinds of] confounding factors.” More likely, it was the protective effects of the calcium, “which may bind [up] pro-inflammatory…bile acids in the gut,” though high-fat dairy products, like cheese, may actually increase bile acids, explaining why the cheese appeared to cancel out the calcium benefit. So, might we be able to get the best of both worlds by consuming non-dairy calcium sources?

If you randomize people to calcium supplements, you can get a significant reduction in recurring colon polyps, which can otherwise turn into cancer, though calcium pills have been associated with adverse cardiovascular effects. And so, the best of all worlds, if you want to take a precautionary approach in terms of nutrition and cancer, is to obtain calcium through low-oxalate dark green leafy vegetables, beans, split peas, chickpeas, and lentils—or, if necessary, “calcium-fortified foods,” such as soy or almond milk”.


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How does Nutrition Affect our Health| What’s Eating You

How does nutrition Affect our health| What's Eating You

How does Nutrition Affect our Health| What’s Eating You


The debut of the awesome show (WEY) What's Eating You with Daniel & Courtney

Posted by Daniel DC Owens on Saturday, July 13, 2019

How does nutrition Affect our health| What’s Eating You

The answer is just as complicated as it is simple.  We as a people are facing what looks like the peak of  a health crisis.  The world has seen mortality rates increase for a decade and the top 3 out of 4 causes of death are health related.  The earth is starting to show the effects of losing environmental stability due to our eating habits.

I’m not here to convince you or chastise you for your choices as I believe it ineffective when giving information or knowledge.  I do believe however,  that when someone sees what they believe to be an issue they should be able to speak up as so long as they have at least thought about a solution to said problem.   I also find it ineffective to just see the problem and only lend a voice to that side of the table.

What’s Eating You is a new show that gives the viewer a platform to participate in conversations involving the 4 pillars of Health, Wealth, Faith, and Family.  The pilot episode goes right into nutrition and how food is our ultimate connection to nature and the universe.  The show will air live on PowerPlay Radio Network and What’s Eating You Facebook page every 2nd and 4th Saturday starting at 1 p.m. CST.   Please feel free to like, share, and comment as your participation helps us pinpoint what is most important to you and your family.

Having a discussion centered around data and figuring out what root causes keep us caught in these vicious cycles will help spark ideas and create effective action plans.  Feel free to email at



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HEALTH: 3 ways quality nutrition supplements help fight pain and disease!

3 ways quality nutrition supplements help fight disease!

3 ways quality nutrition supplements help fight disease!

Have you ever had a lingering surgery issue or been diagnosed with a disease such as fibromyalgia, or diabetes?  Many people around the world suffer with these issues everyday and now have become so common place that people are becoming numb to serious health ailments.  The U.S. accounts for well over 50 percent of prescription drug use worldwide and the percentage is growing larger as the years go by.  The drug epidemic has grown to massive proportions and drug companies are not slowing down anytime soon in the near future.  We the people have to take control over our health and learn  alternatives to achieve optimal health.  We should have come to the conclusion at this point that prescription drugs do not cure nor heal people they only mask symptoms and cause side effects. I will keep this brief and give you some benefits that come with high quality supplements.

  1. High quality supplements that are liquid and made from real fruits and vegetables pass along essential vitamins and nutrients for proper body function.  Have you ever wondered why certain body functions such as your ability to heal wounds dissipate over time?  One major reason can be linked to a shortage in the essential vitamin and minerals.  A key component in healing is the molecule Nitric Oxide which is naturally produced by the human body but as we get older our production slows down and we heal at a much lower rate.  How can one start producing such a molecule?  One way is to take synthetic drugs that help you pump out the molecule but they come with side effects because they are not natural.  The Noni fruit has been researched and proven to help the body produce Nitric Oxide naturally but is all Noni fruit drinks and products created equally? Short answer. No!  The best idea would be to look at products with clinical research and have been tested for unknown substances. To give you a better understanding of  what a lack of the essential vitamin and minerals will do to your body I have attached this chart directly from the FDA. Vitamin_and_Mineral_Chart
  2. High quality supplements can produce life changing results that are tangible such as the lowering of A1c and bad ldl cholesterol.  Arterial plaque builds up within our veins causing issues such as stroke, and heart attacks.  The research shows that the consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with reducing arterial plaque naturally and reversing the effects of these deadly diseases..  The only issue is that the fruits and vegetables of today are less nutritious as compared to just 50 years ago.  You do not get the same effect when eating these items so supplementing with a high quality product will usually give you the proper levels of concentrated fruits and vegetables to see a tangible difference in your health.
  3. The use of high quality supplements can help boost the ability for your brain to fight off disease such as dementia and Parkinson’s.  The world has come to the consensus agreement that omega 3 dhl is great at protecting your vital brain functions.  Most supplements contain omega 3 sourced from low quality farm raised fish and contain Tocopherols which are great but not the most effective or potent form of omega 3.  I will give you an important word to research called “Tocotrienol”   The recent research shows how Tocotrienols are showing great progress in the fight with Alzheimer and Cancer.  Your brain has the ability to bring a great amount of fortune and pleasure or agony and pain.  I would suggest that one take every precautionary measure to protect the one brain you get.

I only recommend certain supplements as stated earlier all supplements are not created equal.  I rarely ever send someone to get store bought supplements including those from stores such as GNC, Wal-Mart, Kroger etc..  You usually will get less than what you pay for with these supplements and most will have little to no effect.  You may even pay top dollar for a supplement with little to no benefit as well so you must look at ingredients to ensure that what you are putting into your body is a quality effective ingredient.

#GetSOM via @dcowens

Daniel Owens is a nutritional consultant focused on bettering lives through nutrition education. He is the co-owner of He is also co-host and co-founder of What’s Eating You Radio podcast. If you have any questions or want any recommendations feel free to email at



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HEALTH: The Nutrition Gap| 3 leading causes of death in US

The Nutrition Gap| 3 leading causes of death in US

The Nutrition Gap and the 3 leading causes of death in the United States linked.

Vegetables does not mean bland, it actually means flavorful and colorful!

The United States is in the middle of a war and is getting its ass handed to it in a major way.  I’m not speaking on the pretend war on drugs or the irrational war on terrorism.  I will reserve those topics for fake outrage and less meaningful conversation.  I’m speaking on the health of a nation that is pathetically plunging to its own demise.  How can one be in a war that has such a drastic fatality rate that the top 3 wars combined would seem like a brief footnote in history.  The one topic that seems to be the elephant in the room and the one people take arms to avoid, Nutrition!

I do not believe people avoid the topic because they are knowledgeable and there is no discussion to be had but, simply put, most of us are ignorant to the information and hate that we have no knowledge about what we put in our bodies and how it works.  Nutrition can seem very complicated and seems to be such a broad topic that people get lost in a sea of misinformation. Three of the top four causes of death in the U.S. are heart disease, Cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease.  These three alone account for over half of the deaths in The United States according to this shocking CDC report.

The million dollar question is what causes such a large proportion of deaths to fit in these three categories?  The answer is simple. A lack of nutrition knowledge and application can and will kill off the population in masses.  This epidemic has been a battle for over a decade and is only rising in number as we continue to take a Martin Luther King approach and turn the other cheek while our entire bloodline suffers.  We feel like we can eat, drink, and inject whatever we want and there will be no repercussions for our actions or lack thereof.  The western diet along with western medicine have long been the laughing stock of the world as we continue to lead the world in being the unhealthiest nation.

The second question is, how do we fix it?  NUTRITIONNNNNNNN?????  Hippocrates so elegantly said many moons ago “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  How can someone with no awareness of today’s technological advances and resources know something so simple yet so complex to modern day society?  if we learn to put down the processed foods and cut down on meat, eggs, and dairy consumption the world around us may be more vibrant and productive.  We should be focusing on the most nutrient dense vegetables we can get our hands on such as green leafy vegetables, legumes , and various fruits.  The increase of fruits and

If only we ate our feast with more of these ingredients!

vegetables and decrease of the the previous mentioned foods have shown clinical proof and evidence that these diseases can be prevented and often times reversed.

I’m all about solutions and remedies instead of complaints and and crying.  We often times have to do something different to get a different result.  This is a call to action for those who are letting this message seep into their conscious brain and want a resolution to our healthcare crisis and prescription drug epidemic.  This simple solution will help bring a majority of issues into check especially if coupled with exercise.  There are many options that will change your life such as a high quality nutrition supplement that is clinically tested.  Instead of a doughnut for breakfast try water and a piece of fruit or a nice fruit and vegetable smoothie.  We all have choices to make and that require us to be disciplined and make a better decision for generations to come.

#GetSOM via @dcowens

Daniel Owens is a nutritional consultant focused on bettering lives through nutrition education.  He is the co-owner of He is also co-host and co-founder of What's Eating You Radio podcast.  If you have any questions or want any recommendations feel free to email at

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