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The T-Quest Show: Nikole Kay

Nikole Kay
Recently I’ve had the privilege of interviewing another amazing radio personality who goes by the name Nikole Kay. I’ve already heard great things about her from her publicist The Duchess (Ashley Burkes @irepfabulosity)  so I was  looking forward to interviewing the radio queen. Nikole’s energy was on point from the moment I pressed record which confirmed that she’s the truth!
There’re many radio personalities and podcasters out there who have the title but can’t back it up. Nikole has the personality, the voice, the energy and most importantly professionalism which speaks volumes. You can catch Nikole in action on 965 The Box, Little Rock, AR.
Not only is Nikole a radio personality but she is also a host. She’s hosted fashion events, radio concerts & more. She stays working; I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her on tv soon if she hasn’t been on already. Nikole wears many hats as an entrepreneur so please listen to our interview below to learn more about her. Follow her on social media @thenikolekay.
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(Music Review) Flamedemic by T-Quest

Flamedemic The Cure Music Review

Bars and straight fire are what come to mind when I think about Flamedemic The Cure Mixtape put together by Franchise Fascists Mixtapes & hosted by T-Quest. Let’s be honest, many believe that the mixtape game is dying out but I disagree. There’s still DJs and artists that’s killing the game with the mixtapes and Flamedemic The Cure is proof. From the moment I clicked play to the last track, I was hooked. In my personal opinion I believe every artist was hand selected for this project instead of the typical, “send your music to be on my mixtape” scenario.

The Franchise Fascists Mixtape made sure that their project was full of quality from the mixing and mastering of each song, the lyrics & vocal abilities of the artists to the amazing host bringing it all together. Flamedemic The Cure is a must hear so click the link below and check it out. If you’re a Dj, radio personality, promoter or a tastemaker in the industry I encourage you to help push this project to the max. To all my readers out there, you need to  listen and enjoy.

Shout out to Dj Kyng Ray, Franchise Fascists Mixtapes, Fleet DJs, Mixtape Heat & all the artists who put in the work to make sure their tracks were extremely up to par because if it wasn’t for you, this project wouldn’t be what it is. Just know their songs will be in rotation on Gotta Love Me Radio. Make sure you follow and support each artist mentioned below as well as all the parties involved in Flamedemic The Cure.

@franchisefascistsmixtapes @djkyngray_ @luchiemajor @candycayneink @tay_da_g___ghs @russbands765 @dboi_da_dome @official_bren10 @kutt4040 @haiwye_the_great @oskerdtheartist @lovee.ivy_ @tom3_g

Words from Dj Kyng Ray: “The vision behind this mixtape was a plan I put in action quite a few years ago. Even though I’m from the east coast I established relationships with artists all over the Midwest to the point we would visit each other’s towns and have networking events, so this mixtape is a collaboration with some of my favorite artists from my town of Baltimore, Md and one of my favorite states in the Midwest Indiana. Hosted by one of the dopest personalities in the business right now  T-Quest.”

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(Interview) The T-Quest Show Candace Woodson

Candace Woodson

Timeless music is what I think about when I think of Candace Woodson’s music. Before we get into that, let’s focus on her as a woman. When we first started our interview she came on the air very vibrant and actually started singing which was unexpected yet delightful.  First impression is everything and she stole my heart immediately. Candace is energetic, knowledgeable and has a true passion for what she does as a music artist. Being a diverse artist works in her favor. Being a well known seasoned artist is a bonus.

Growing up singing in the church like many entertainers in our culture, Candace started out singing with her sisters. In reference to The Jackson 5, she was like the Michael of the group. She wanted to be in the front and always knew she wanted to be a singer. She couldn’t get away from entertaining, and most importantly entertaining the people.

As music artists we’re always inspired by our own stories or of others around us. A tragedy happened to one of Candace’s friends where he lost his life. A providing father of 5 young children whose focus was working hard & making his family as comfortable as possible. His situation made Candace question, “What happens to those 5 little kids now that their father is gone? What’s the most important thing in life? Is it things, money or is it love in the house & love we have for each other?”  There’s nothing better than love. What’s important is the little things like a smile on your face. This story inspired her to write her single “Nothing Better”.

Take some time to listen to our interview and fall in love with her as well as her music just like I did. Please stream her music especially her latest songs What Do The Lonely Do & Nothing Better, and follow her on all social media platforms under @CandaceWoodson & Candace Woodson Music.



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(Interview) The T-Quest Show: Jessie Tylre Williams

Jessie Tylre Williams
What an absolute pleasure chatting it up  with t Djs. She has such a calming loving spirit that lights up a room but in this case, a conversation. She’s all about having fun, spreading positivity in life as well as in her music.
Born in Manitoba, Canada, this gypsy girl is ready to “heal the world, one song at a time.” SSM country artist Jessie Tylre Williams is dedicated to the simple lifestyle and wants listeners to remember to take challenges one day at a time.
A beautiful soul producing beautiful music. During the interview we converse about so much that time flew by very quickly. They say, time flies when you’re having fun. Missing the intimacy with her audience as an entertainer is what she misses so much. People will never forget how you make you feel and that’s so important to her.
 Her single Breathe came out at the best time ever! It was important to her to release it  because it coincides with everything that’s going on globally. The more the pandemic creates all this buzz, the more powerful the song is. There’s a lot in life that we can’t control. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and breathe. We become so consumed with stuff that’s going one that it’s creating chaos which is toxic. If you take a step back from everything, take a moment to breathe, a lot of it will dissipate and it won’t become as important to us to create that drama around it.
Breathe is out on all streaming platforms like the rest of her music so please go check it out under Jessie Tylre Williams, her website and follow her on Instagram @JessieTylre. Check out our interview below so you can hear more about the wonderful, amazing yet gifted Jessie Tylre Williams.


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(Interview) The T-Quest Show: G Supreme

G Supreme

G Supreme owner of Preme Studio is a real New Yorker bringing you that real New York sound. He stays true to himself  and you can hear it all through his music. Rapping since 12 years old, what you hear from G  is hip hop/rap in it’s true sounding/content form. Once signed with BDP, called back to audition 3 times by Jam Master Jay, and have worked with MC Shan, and other MC’s. There will be no sellout hear and no degrading/term of endearment fake outs. “I Breath Hip Hop, I believe Hip Hop….If it’s hurt I’ll grieve and relieve Hip Hop…” G-Supreme.

During The T-Quest Show we discussed his new single titled Dun Dun featuring Reggae Artist Herbseed. Bringing you that old school Brooklyn Reggae sound to the track which opens the market up for new ears from both spectrums and then some when it comes to music. Pay attention to the words and how well these two artists come together to make such a hit for the people.


I consider G Supreme a seasoned lyricist. Growing up in New York where hip hop was created definitely  has worked in his favor. He continues to bring real music, real hip hop and knowledge, musically as well in conversation. G Supreme is not only here creating music but forever dropping gems for the people. A man filled with not only talent but wisdom as well.

You can have one conservation with him  and learn so much. G Supreme has a great personality where you can laugh, talk about life, love, relationships and no matter what he will forever keep it real with you.  A talented individual you’ll be foolish not to follow. Listen to us chopping it up & make sure you follow him on all social media @thegsupreme, stream his music & for bookings email



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The T-Quest Show: Lucy Lu Interview

Who Is Lucy Lu?
Lucy Lu in my eyes is a special young lady. As I interviewed her, I smiled the whole time. She has a burst of energy that can light a room. As an artist she began writing music at age 16. Her sound is self-described as a mixture of grown and sexy, yet authentic and motivating.
Since then she has released projects entitled “My name Ring Bells”, “The Female mentality Of Lucy Lu.” as well as “Lucy Lu Back in Mode.”
During our interview we talked about her latest single “Watching” which is doing pretty well on the streaming charts. Not only is Lucy Lu an incredible music artist but she even had her TV debut as well, She was on a TV show called  “52nd Clyde Park” which showcased talent in several different areas statewide. Since the show, she has performed in several different major cities in the US from Chicago, to Atlanta, to Wisconsin.
With awards under her belt such as Best R&B and Hip-Hop Artist, as well as Best Female Songwriter; she’s stopping no time soon and ready to receive more. Recently, she signed a recording contract with Miami-based independent label Rich Nation Entertainment so look out for more incredible music dropping soon.
Lucy Lu has a bright future ahead of her in this entertainment industry and I’m excited to continue to see her shine. Make sure you follow her on social media @WhoIsLucyLu and please stream her music on all major platforms!
Take a listen to our exclusive interview below.


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The T-Quest Show: Mega Ace Interview

Calling him a BOSS is an understatement. Mega Ace is a LEGEND in the making. Interviewing him gave me LIFE! His music is good but his story is even better. Listening to him rap and sing his pain through his music bringing that realness to how he helps his community just to turn around and continue to build an empire warms my heart. He never allowed his up bringing to control where his life was going to take him. Mega remains humble and always willing to help the next, feed the needy, mentor the youth yet takes time out of his busy schedule to check on his people while still being an incredible artist. He is a boss, he is a king, he is absolutely incredible so you need to get familiar!
Mega Ace
Top $helf Mega Ace is a hip hop /r&b artist from Raleigh,NC with a passion for writing music based off past and present experiences,his unique style attracts fans into his world from his point of view reaching people of all different walks of life so stay tuned get ready as he makes his presence known in the hip hop and r&b world. Currently Mega has a few projects out and pushing singles such as Pain & Shine so make sure you go and stream him music, email him for bookings, keep up with him on all social media platforms, & check out his website! Check out the EXCLUSIVE interview with Mega down below. @WhoIsMegaAce


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The T-Quest Show: Tony Laveria

As a taste maker in this industry, I was happy when I was introduced to Tony Laveria. A jack of all trades. Nothing like having a great team and support system around you to help you get to the top. They saw a star and so did I. Get to know more about him, his music, his projects as well as listen to his interview with yours truly below. Follow on IG @mr_laveria

When you think of the creation of hip-hop and the evolution of the craft, many may wonder if there is room for yet another rising artist. Hidden in Charlotte, NC are many untapped musical gems, one of which – is Tony Laveria. 

Tony Laveria enjoys producing music that people can feel and relate to. He is not a rapper; he is a lyricist. While he believes some of today’s music is superficial, he feels that a true artist can express real life. Tony’s motivation is the art of hip-hop and he strives to give it the level of respect it has always deserved. His music not only showcases his enthusiasm for the craft, but also reflects his phenomenal growth and talent. 

Laveria credits his initial curiosity of music to his sister and brother-in-law, both of whom attended Berklee College of Music. At a young age, his sister, a singer and songwriter herself, allowed him the opportunity to sit in on some of her recording sessions. His brother-in-law created beats for him to rap over, both of which ignited a musical passion deep within him. 

Laveria has performed throughout Charlotte, as well as other cities on the east and west coast. He was an opening act for Summerfest for Charlotte’s top hip-hop and R&B radio station, Power98 FM. Tony also competed and won Atlanta’s Bar Exam – a hip-hop showcase and competition in 2018.  

The adrenaline that he receives from the audience’s reaction is a euphoria that he craves. Laveria’s songs are more than an expression, they are a manifestation of when passion meets talent. He desires to be more than just an artist and plans to play a role in the progression of the hip-hop culture.

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The T-Quest Show: Serena Deena Interview

International Superstar is what comes to mind when I think of Serena Deena. She is a star that is shining! Having the pleasure of interviewing her, hearing how professional she is, down to earth, loving caring, hard working and hearing her awesome music was so epic. Her style of music is unique and I could see her on the charts soon.

Serena Deena

As I write this article I’m smiling because I’m happy I was introduced to Serena Deena. As soon as she called into my radio show, I knew in the first moment that we were going to have a great conversation. Not sure who to give the credit to, whether it was her upbringing or artist development but her professionalism and the way she spoke impressed me. She conducted herself very well in the interview. As we began to have more of a conversation, I was intrigued by many experiences she mentioned. Serena is what I call an all around entertainer.

Yes, she does music but she is also a dancer & a writer. She’s down to earth, she lives life and what she feels is what she displays in her music. During the interview we played and we spoke upon her two singles entitled Dirty & Palm. As the music was playing, I was getting contacted by the listener eager to learn where they can hear more of her music. That’s exactly the type of responses you want to get from new potential fans. Serena was even open to collaborating with me on a song which shows she’s down to create magic with others.

Not only is be easy on the eye but she has a beautiful spirit as well. Please make sure you support by streaming her music & keeping up with her on your social media as well as her website which is displayed. She’s a star that’s definitely shining!



Stream her music on all streaming platforms and make sure you follow her on social media @itsserenabiatch 
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The T-Quest Show: Alkaczar Interview

I  love interviewing artists on my show but what makes it even more fun is interviewing an artist with great quality music, a real personality and professionalism. Alkaczar had all three and more. I could always sense when there’s an artist with a story that the people need to hear and he is one of them. Check out our interviews both written and audio, get to know Alkaczar more as a person, listen to his music and see why he’s up next!

1. What is your Name? where you’re from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry?

My name is AlKaczar and thank you for having me be apart of Straight Official Magazine. I am originally from the Westside of Detroit, but I have to credit a lot of other places as well such as Fort Wayne Indiana, Columbus Ohio, Charlotte NC for shaping me into the individual I am today.

2. Who and/or what inspires you to create?
My life and my environment and family drives me to create not only music but to create a way of life that I can pass through the generations of my family in the form of a legacy.
3. How would you describe your sound?
My sound can be described as Authentic. Since I have been to so many places and live in many different environments, I don’t sound like anyone else.
4. What is your creative process like?
My creative process for writing music is based off a lot of recollection. When I listen to instrumental,s I listen for the story in the beat and I recall a time in my life that aligns with the concept of the beat.
5. What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?
Various Detroit artists such as Payroll, Tee grizzly and Sada Baby and Icewear Vezzo. Outside of the city I would like to collab with Meek and Durkio and J.Cole. We don’t have to discuss Hov that’s a given.
6. What is one message you would give to your supporters?
I would like to tell my supporters that I’m grateful & there’s still people  in the world that will support the Real. Its up there.
7. What is the most talent/skill you have that most people don’t know about?
A talent I have that nobody knows is that I am a low key savant at chess, on the low key side.
8. What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?
If I wasn’t in the entertainment business I would be in Real Estate Investing full time.
9. Who are some artists/people you admire and why?
I admire Shawn Carter for the way he has manage his career and built his empire. I also admire Waffen Buffet for he conducts his business ventures and just his overall business acumen
10. What is the best advice you’ve been given?
To never sacrifice self to please others.
11. If you could change anything about the industry,
what would it be?
I would bring the real back into the industry. Today’s industry is all a facade and image based. As long as an individual portrays the image he or she doesn’t have to be real.
12. What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year?
What’s next for  me is building my brands. Platorm is my artist management company and Merely A Mortal is my clothing brand. Both are in the infancy stages as of right now. With progressive drive and determination. I would like to be a millionaire with seven figures streaming from not just these two brands but other streams of seven figure income outlets.
13. What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you?
@Alkaczar on social media platforms
14. Any final words?
I would like to thank Straight Official Magazine for the opportunity, a special thanks to T-Quest for connecting the dots and big ups to the Fleet Djs, let’s take the world over. Czar
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