Yung Meme Dedicates New 21-Track Project ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ to Fans

The South Carolina rapper delivers his new 21-track body of work.

After serving up a handful of singles, South Carolina-based rapper Yung Meme drops off his 21-track project, ‘Easy Come Easy Go.’ Grabbing GBP Beats, Radical, St. Nick, Ross Gossage, Oracl3, Lil Dende, TYG2X, Harz, Bliv Beats, and KELS2X, Yung Meme enlists a variety of talented producers for this body of work. Building momentum from his unique blend of Grunge/Hip-Hop, it’s no wonder why the album has well over 300K streams across all platforms.
“I’ve been working on this project continuously for almost 2 years now, I really love the range of rage and different emotions! I dedicate this one to all of my supporters,” Yung Meme shares with us.
“Focus,” “Amethyst,” and “Hell Boi” are some of the key stand outs on the project so far, the latter of which closing in on 50K streams on Spotify. An audible, personal journey through love, sadness, and uplifting melodies, Easy Come Easy Go is truly a special project.
Stream the album below, and be sure to follow Yung Meme on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his forthcoming releases.
Project Link:
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Tha Vicious & Zayman are back repping Broward county w/ new ‘Hightimes II’ EP | @Vicious_mind89 @zayman_kushgang

Tha Vicious & Zayman are back repping Broward county and bringing Hightimes vibes. The duo are like Cheech and Chong providing seriously dope beats and minor comical humor. Hightimes 2 opens up with Mailman the lead track which recently has had a video released. Tha Vicious and Zayman are bringing Method man and Redman vibes this EP is truly a stoners dream. Zayman take solo route on second track only fans . Then we are graced with the third track ace from the duo. Tha vicious gives us remarkable trap sounds on Gucci Flow. Then the Ep concludes with making plays.


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[Album] Marley G’z – BAGHDAD 2

New from Marley G’z – BAGHDAD 2

Intro Video

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Marley G’z , is a Hip Hop artist from the birth place of Multi platinum recording artist PARDISON FONTAINE.
NEWBURGH NY. Newburgh Ny, is a city 60 miles North of Manhattan.
Growing up in this povery stricken city left Marley G’z with little choice but to learn to survive in the jungle where he was raised. As a reference,the NY based rapper stated in his Song “INTRO” that he is from “a place where the killers get killed”.
With no economy other then the streets Marley G’z paints a vivid picture of what takes place in the hood he is from. With all the melodic tunes & drill rap dominating the musical sound right now. Artist like Marley G’z is a breath of fresh air to the culture and a popular choice for those that in love with Gangster rap. Strong story telling with catchy punch lines seperates the New York artist. Stay tuned. Baghdad 1 & Baghdad 2 on all streaming platform now. Take a listen to HIP HOPS next Savior. It’s G’Z!!

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Number One Sun Releases Hip-Hop Album for Kids

One,Two Grow On by Number One Sun cover image Hip-Hop album for kids

What is the last Hip-Hop album you played for your kids? As a parent, and lover of Hip-Hop, it is hard to find music that is “appropriate” in a family setting. With the new album One, Two Grow On, Number One Sun is up to the challenge. It’s Hip-Hop made for kids, but not just for kids. Funky beats, clever rhymes, and great storytelling will make this a hit with the whole family.

The first song sets the tone, asking “Whatcha Wanna Do? (Have Fun!).” Other songs like “I Think Big,” and “Curiosity,” promote messages of self-worth, social responsibility, and the value of asking questions. The storytelling in “Once Upon A Time…” is superb in delivery, yet simple in subject. Children can relate to it because the rhymes are geared towards their interests. His daughters also join in on several songs, including the hilarious “Pesky Penguins,” and the lovely, reggae-inspired “Let’s Go to the Beach.”

#1 Sun doesn’t forget about the adults in the room either. Listen close and catch references to artists like Run DMC, Slick Rick, 50 Cent and more. The “Tickle skit” is a laugh-out-loud homage to the infamous “Torture” skit on Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album. ODB said “Wu-Tang is for the Children,” but Number One Sun is for everyone with children.

Listen to One, Two Grow On on Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon Music, or just go to the website  

Children’s books based on favorite songs are coming soon. Look out for The Alphabet Book, (based on “The Alphabet Song”) and “Starlight, Star Bright” illustrated by Number One Sun also!

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[New Album] J-Cool – Trap Remix King

New 12 song album released February 2020 from J-Cool titled ‘Trap Remix King’
This album bring you straight heat and different types of vibes.


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Move over Marshmellow… There’s a new faceless genius

New music producer EyeOnEyez is no rookie in the business of music. Having produced and recorded with Hip Hop heavyweights Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep, TI and even legendary members of the Wu Tang Clan amongst many others, EyeOnEyez’s name and unique sound has been forever cemented in rap culture, respectfully.

EyeOnEyez’s desire to create trap music began in 2015. He learned to play bass and guitar at age 14 with aspirations to become a jazz musician. “Hip hop has always been at the forefront of my goals, so my love for music production drew me back to the studio.” Indubiously known for his unconventional basslines and live instrumental rifts and improvisations, EyeOnEyez was introduced to Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon, who he continues to credit for his official introduction into the entertainment industry as a connector for the novice producer.

“Having money is great, but being famous is a liability.” -EyeOnEyez, on maintaining anonymity as a well-known producer and music influencer. When asked about his infamous red mask, EyeOnEyez lends to his mysterious, introverted nature. Debuting on the highly anticipated video featuring the late Prodigy as a way to maintain privacy as a public figure, EyeOnEyez described the eeriness surrounding the unreleased visual as “dark” and “creepy as hell”. After the untimely death of Prodigy, EyeOnEyez changed his mask from black to red, symbolizing the transition of his thoughts from a character in a music video representing evil and death to an introverted musical genius.

Stepping from behind the shadows of enigma, the masked super producer taps fellow trap artists, TI, 42 Dugg, Yung Dro and others to debut his first solo project, “Greed and Mystery”. “Greed is a driving force in the world behind many things; no one wants to appear greedy so they veil it in mystery, creating an uncomfortable feeling in society,” he explains, elaborating on the meaning behind the title. “Greed + mystery = creates perception of evil.” With breakout songs such as “We Paid” and “Look What I Got” featuring 42 Dugg, EyeOnEyez explains the inspiration behind the visual concepts. “For ‘Look What I Got’, I pulled ideas from my favorite TV show ‘Rick and Morty’ and classic film ‘Faces of Death’. I used many themes to bring my thoughts to life and used a simple story line to bring everything to life.”

EyeOnEyez continues to inspire an alternative genre of upcoming artists and musicians and offers simple advice: If you love music, you just do it. Most musicians are compulsive. Sometimes it’s against your best interest. Most musicians create music because we have to. It’s in your veins… in your thoughts…ingrained in your every moment of life. Never stop working on your craft. You never know where you may land… or where your imagination may take you.”

Available now

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New Music: Khody Blake – The Khody Blake Show

The anticipation is over! After his initial blast into the music scene in 2017 with the regional hit “Gas”, Khody Blake is back with his first full EP project under the hot label L.O.U.D. MUZIK entitled “The Khody Blake Show”. Every tune on the 7 song EP has been getting major attention and spins on radio formats across the country and now Khody officially drops a visual for one of them. “Let Me Know”, produced by the musical genius T!M NED (Nipsey Hustle, Fat Pimp, Lil KeKe, Cam Wallace) takes you to that moment when a guy seeks the attention of that special lady and simply wants to make do all he can to win her heart. Featuring choreography from Jon Glenn (New Vibe Dance Studio) Let Me Know brings a fresh look into the “Phenom” Khody Blake’s musical style and vocal ability.

Director of Photography: Xavier Rowe
Directed by: Nick Saenz
First AC: Zach Rowe
Edited by: Nick Jay
Production by: Snow Owl Media

Instagram: @KhodyBlakeMusic
Twitter: @KhodyBlakeMusic
TikTok: @KhodyBlakeMusic

The Khody Blake Show EP:

Let Me Know

L.O.U.D. MUZIK -Live Out Ur Dreams
@LOUD Muzik

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[New Album] SCOTT CON aka SCOTTY BOI – KINGDOM | @ScottFreeVMG


KINGDOM by Scott Con

Recording artist Scott Con aka Scotty Boi lets the world know what’s going on through his eyes with the new record album “Kingdom.” From listening to the new project you can hear that a lot has changed for Scott Con aka Scotty Boi you can hear from the lyrical content on the new album “Kingdom”. Scott Con aka Scotty Boi was born in Brooklyn, New York, but currently calls Florida home. Scott Con aka Scotty Boi is an accomplished writer, producer and rap artist who has been affiliated with some of the top players in the game. When Scott Con aka Scotty Boi is not recording, he’s performing. Over the years Scott Con aka Scotty Boi has opened for Rick Ross, Triple C, Trina, Trick Daddy, Jim Jones, Plies, Mario Winans, The Game and Lil Wayne. Scott cameo roles include Rick Ross & Birdman’s “B**ch I’m The Sh*t” (2009), Black Dada’s “I’m A Zoe Remix” and DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” videos. South Florida’s music festivals (Miami Music Festival, Haitian Festival) and club scene (Mansion, Cafe Iguana, Dream, Sobe, Living Room) is home to Scott but when his schedule permits he is on the road performing at colleges and clubs in North Florida and Georgia. Stay up to date with more info on Scott Con aka Scotty Boi via Instagram and Twitter.

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[Remix Album] Extraordinaire – “Extraordinary Volume 1” @3XTRAORDINAIRE

Extraordinaire follows up a month ending 2020 dropping the single after single. Extraordinaire is back to start 2021 right Extraordinaire has just dropped his remix project of some of his favorite songs in “Extraordinary Volume 1.” It includes features from Too $hort, Lil Wyte, OG Wileout, Black Folk Inc. Rastasworld and more. You can check out the release now on all digital platforms to stream or download.

Extraordinary Vol 1

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Record Label: BFI

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U-Neek Jettson releases his debut EP ‘King Jettson’ | @uneekjettson

King Jettson is the debut EP of U-NeeK Jettson, an artist based out of Indiana. With features from Mark Battles and JXVE including production by Freshduzit, Keef, and Let That Boy Cook. This EP brings a lot of energy, hype, and something different. The alien king represents U-Neek Jettson as an artist. The alien stands for the ability to be different, versatility, and being unique. The king stands for royal heritage, manifestation, and king mentality. Artwork by @doodlesbycraig It has recently surpassed 10,000 views on Spotify and still climbing.

Stream on Spotify

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