[box_dark]Eye Color[/box_dark]Brown
[box_dark]Hair Color[/box_dark]Brown
[box_dark]What would you rate yourself from 1-10?[/box_dark]10image2
[box_dark]Tell everybody your name and where you’re from?[/box_dark]”Hello, my name is Tygeria and I am from Las Vegas, NV.”
[box_dark]So how long have you been modeling?[/box_dark]”I have been modeling for about 3 years.”
[box_dark]How did you start modeling?[/box_dark]”I started modeling after finding a job wasn’t going my way, so I said what the heck let me try it. I fell in love and the rest is history.”
image1[box_dark]So what are you doing with yourself besides modeling?[/box_dark]”I am a mother and a model.”
[box_dark]What would you say is your best feature and why?[/box_dark]”I would say my smile.”
image4[box_dark]What else do you do for fun?[/box_dark]”I hang out with my kid and decide what toys to get him or play a game etc. We have fun adventures. I have a pretty fun job too.”
[box_dark]Do you like sports? If so who is your favorite sports figure?[/box_dark]”I’m not big on sports, I watch the super bowl every year it’s a family tradition.”
[box_dark]What’s playing in your (iPod, iPhone, Android, music device)/Favorite Song (currently)?[/box_dark]”I love Singer Songwriter music. My favorite song at the moment is Let It Be Me by Ray Lamontagne.”
28879f7abf6486495a116394d7a7bdd7 b622d57afb332e1e31b3978aacfe524f[box_dark]What’s the craziest pick up line you’ve heard from guys trying to get your attention?[/box_dark]”‘Wanna be my queen of Zamunda?’ lol and ‘I’m famous don’t you know who I am?'”
[box_dark]How do you get into “character” for a photoshoot?[/box_dark]”I was a theater major and took theater classes growing up. I danced since I was very young so I think it all helps to get into character as a model.”
[box_dark]What’s your favorite accomplishment in modeling so far?[/box_dark]”Getting into Esquire”
[box_dark]What would you say is your ultimate turn on?[/box_dark]”Straight teeth and intelligence”
10252178_508456345924983_2277644969914422677_n[box_dark]Who’s your favorite photographer?[/box_dark]”Oscar Picazo”
[box_dark]What’s something that most people would be surprised to find out when they actually meet you?[/box_dark]”I’m very down to earth.”
[box_dark]How can people get in contact with you?[/box_dark]”Any of my Social Media. I try to respond to everyone, but I have a big inbox.”

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