David Banner, Mississippi native, and undoubtedly one of the most “underappreciated” hip hop artists and producers of this age, and for years has been speaking out on the injustices that black people face in America. As his Facebook page states DB is “A complex man who is both street-wise and book-smart, Banner has carried many burdens over the last few years.” Today “Myths Exposed” dropped a video where Banner speaks about the media propaganda and how it has evolved over time. He takes on CNN, media bloggers, white supremacy, and even Don Lemon.


In the video Banner states,

“This is what I learned, racism…

Just look at racism, the root word of racism is race the ‘ism’ and the ‘ist’ is the act of the race.

For the most part, media is set up to support white supremacy.

Whether the people will admit it or not, and it is their job to perpetuate these lies.

So for me to think that they’re going to cover me any different is a fault on my part.

I believe that if we really want to change the way that we are being perceived as artists or as a hip-hop nation or culture, hip hop has to stop following conventional media, ‘cause now hip hop blogs and hip hop media, for the most part, has become the tentacles for regular media.

They just basically, copy and paste. If we want to change, like, these hip hop blogs and people who say that they’re hip hop, they’re gonna have to start getting out there and being in Ferguson, being in Baltimore, being in the places that all of these things are happening so they can be the voice for us.”



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