I met Tylenol 3 where we meet the majority of people that we interact with on a daily basis, social media. I can’t remember whether it was Facebook or Twitter, and I can’t remember how I just know it’s been years. We’ve traded wars stories and boosted one another in the game. fb_img_1477778710528 I have been a consultant, friend, and confidant, and he has made me laugh incessantly. I won’t lie,  I remember him coming and saying “Sunflower listen to this.” I rolled my eyes and was thinking “this dude hasn’t even said hi yet,” but I listened anyway and his beats were amazing. I’ve even used a few to blend in my mixtapes. Anywho..Let me introduce you to T3







SO: Can you tell us a little about yourself? How did you get the name Tylenol 3, and where you’re from?

T3: I came up with the name for 2 reasons: 1.) My grandfather was called “PainKiller”, so it’s my way of carrying on the legacy. And 2.) I broke my ankle skateboarding when i was 21, and the doc prescribed me Tylenol 3’s…i was like “hmmmm…” it stuck ever since.

I’m from Bastrop, Louisiana..the corner of Smith Street and Hoover of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the state. I now live in Fort Worth, Texas.

SO: Let us know your social media. How can we find you? Where can an artist interested in working with you find your beats?

T3: You can find me on Twitter @tylenolthree, Instagram @tylenol3_ , and Facebook at Chez Robinson..I do have a real name. Lol.


My beats can be found at 

SO: You’re a double threat out here. How you first got involved with rapping and producing beats?

T3: Well, i began producing at the age of 13 when my cousin introduced me to Sony Acid Pro, FL studio 3. And a MPC 2000XL. I’ve always written lyrics throughout high school, but i never rapped until i was like 19

SO: What do you find most challenging about the music industry?

T3: Eeehhh, the most challenging aspect to me is actually getting responses reaching out to bigger artists. The 2nd most challenging aspect is getting my music to a wide spectrum of people.

SO: Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while performing?

T3: I’ve never met any big artists, but I’ve met other local artists that were happy af to work with me to this day.

SO: What do you do when you aren’t rapping or making dope beats?

T3: I’m normally either researching, skating, watching nerdy stuff on youtube, on social media making people laugh (I really get off on that), or hanging out with close friends. I’m really a simple dude.

SO: I’ve seen you “indalab” a lot, how do you keep coming up with tracks and what’s your motivation?

T3: As far as making the beats, i usually either just go thru all of my sounds, find something weird sounding, and add dope drum patterns over it. If not that, ill sample songs that i really love and add my own twist. My motivation is the people. If the people give a dope reaction off of it, then I’m with it. I keep it coming.

SO: What has been the most challenging moment in your career and why?

T3: The most challenging moment…sh*t…it was when I was caught up trying to gain the approval of my hometown and failed miserably. They usually love trap and gang banging themes, and I usually don’t rap about that. I love to stick to the original aesthetics of Hip Hop, particularly West Coast: straight forward and brutally honest, and they wasn’t with it. As far as the beats, I’ve been told they were ahead of their time, and dudes couldn’t approach them like they would bounce beats or like beats Boosie would rap over, and that made it difficult, ESPECIALLY when I just wanted to stay unique in my own right.

SO: Do you have anyone that has influenced you in your career? Who and Why?

T3: Lets see…1st off: Ice Cube. From his work ethic, his rhyming, his attitude, etc. He was some sort of idol to me growing up. Next: with production..Dr. Dre. I’ve always admired him. He needs no introduction. Timbaland…that dude is just super unique. The Heatmakerz..i love their philosophy: SIMPLE, YET EFFECTIVE. Now recently..Southside of 808 Mafia. I just LOVE how dark and gritty his beats are. Last but not least, Beatking. He reminds me so much of myself in many aspects. Lol. And we went thru similar shit, and he’s makin’ it. Now if THAT ain’t motivation, I dunno what is.

SO: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

T3: I actually see myself doing this music full time..doing shows, making beats for artists spanning different genres, giving my mom a big wad of money and telling her to move out the hood, and I also see myself being nominated for various awards. That’ll make me happy seeing my hard work finally paying off.

SO: Is there anyone you would like to give a shout-out to?

1st off, DJ MF Sunflower. The chemistry between us is just crazy! Not the mention the bond we’ve grown.

Next, Cube of course. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would be rhyming.

Next, my mom for allowing me to work on computers and learning this when my dad was a total douchebag.

Next, my homie T White. That dude stayed on my tail with this music.

Next, my homie Travis, aka the Guy On The Couch. That dude went thru so much junk with me and STAYED solid with me.

Lastly, my doubters and nay sayers. They said I’d NEVER make it. This is the time to prove them wrong!

SO: Anything else you want to drop on us before we get out of here?

Other than watching out for my beats, various songs I drop on social media, and my silly antics, I’d like to say this to any up and coming artist: NEVER GIVE UP. Like EVER. Life is much more than working a 9 to 5, paying bills, then croaking. Pursue your dreams and make them a reality! 

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