[Games] Nintendo NES is here!


If your an 80’s baby like me you were estastic to hear about Nintendo re-releasing their popular console, the 80’s are back! well video games at least.  The Nintendo NES went on sale today Nov. 11th, for the retail price of $60. With over 30 preloaded games including megaman, super mario bros and duck hunt you probably will forget all about instagram and facebook for a minute. Unfortunately,  as you probably already know its sold out, everywhere but! there is good news. Nintendo has said they will be releasing them throughout the holiday season and there should be plenty to go around. However, get your plan together now and look below and check out some of the ways you can get it.

Amazon  starting taking orders for the NES Classic Edition at 2 p.m. PT. The online retailer is restricting orders to one per customer and disabling the 1-Click Ordering option for the retro console. Amazon expects “very limited quantities” with more consoles coming in over the course the holiday rush. If you do plan on snagging one from Amazon, you might want to park yourself on the product listing page and make sure your credit card info is up to date.

Best Buy will also sell the NES. Best Buy reps told Polygon that if you do purchase the NES Classic Edition online, it will be shipped to you. The retailer has disabled in-store pickup for online orders of the mini NES.

The flagship Nintendo Store in New York is held a midnight launch, if you happen to find yourself in Manhattan today but launch quantities are severely limited. Nintendo also hosted a launch party that kicked off at 9 p.m. ET for fans who wanted to saturate themselves in ‘80s Nintendo memories.

Target will also sell the NES Classic Edition, but no pre-orders and no time frame on when the company will start taking online orders. Check the hours for your nearest Target store if you’d like to lineup for one.

Other retailers, like Toys R Us, Fry’s and Walmart, are also selling the NES Classic Edition.

Demand for the NES Classic Edition is expected to be high throughout the holiday season. Prices on eBay mainly for pre-orders are already much higher than retail. Similarly, on Amazon Japan, the NES Classic Edition’s Japanese equivalent, the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer, is already being listed by third-party sellers well above the standard 5,980 yen retail price.

So looks like it’s a long shot but I’m gonna try! Comment if you get one tell me how it is!

-Nia Boom

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