[Featured Artist] Get SOM! Spotlight: R&B Artist Je’Melody

So tell me a little about yourself, how did you get your stage name,where are you fromI’m from Charlotte N.C by the way of a small town in P.A called Farrell. I’ve been singing since I was four years old but I started my career in music seven years ago. “Je’Melody” was birthed on collaborative efforts lol… my first name is Jetarika so the “Je” kind of stems from that but it also means “I” in French which is the language of love and “Melody” Is a key component in music so basically it reflects my love for music.

 Why did you decide to become a Artist? I decided to be an artist because one day I realized that following the “American Dream” wasn’t in the cards for me and I didn’t want the be status quo. I knew that if I really wanted to be happy in life I needed to do what I loved and I’ve always loved music and entertainment it makes me feel complete so one day I quit my job and moved to Atlanta to pursue my dream.

Who and/or what motivates you? There are a number of things and people who motivate me but the most important is “me”. I think is the willingness to push yourself and motivate yourself is what catapults a person to the next level. If you rely on others to motivate you then what do you do when they stop? You have to be willing to stand alone and clap when no one else is clapping. Be your own support system and biggest fan. The only person you can “truly” count on at the end of the day is yourself.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date? Not giving up.

 What projects are you currently working on? I just released my single titled “Addicted” so we are generating a buzz off the single and have an EP lined up to release later next year.

 What changes would you like to see made in the music/entertainment industry? I’d like to see the music have more substance. There are a lot of artist who make great timeless music but a lot of the mainstream music I see doesn’t have depth. It seems like more fad music than anything is in right now.

What makes you different or sets you apart? Not to sound cliche but the fact that I’m “me” nobody else can say that they are me, I own that. Every person has unique qualities about themselves that set them apart. I just feel like I’m an individual and I don’t have to change the way I dress or try anything outlandish to grab attention. I feel that by just being people will gravitate and I can have a genuine following. 

What crews, company’s, labels are you with? Five star empire! Fleet Dj’s have been supporting my brand since I revamped everything a year ago. I met DJ OS in Fayetteville and he really liked my record and we’ve been building since then.

What type of equipment do you use, what other skills/talent do you have? I use my brain and a microphone lol. I write, I can draw a little, I know how to create websites, cook and act. 
What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies? I LOVE the movies. I go all the time mostly alone. I love to cook and try new recipes and travel. I’m really a recluse at times lol so I’m in the house when I’m not working. 

 Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? What’s your Social Media? Shout out to DJ OS and the Fleet DJs, My whole Five star Empire team Stunna, Fame, Big Roc etc., DC Music, my supporters love y’all! 

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Snapchat: @shardaesworld
Twitter: @jemel0dy
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