Hey Oswin,  Tell me a little bit about yourself how did you get your stage name,where are you fromFirst off, thank you taking the time to get to know more about me, I really appreciate that. Well my name is Oswin Benjamin born and raised in New York, I’m a child of God first and a human being second and I’m just doing my best to tell my story. My stage name is actually my real name, and that came from a lot of horrible rap names I thought I wanted to be called over the years. Lol

 Why did you decide to become an Artist? I decided to become an artist because I believe that God has given me a message and the words to deliver it. Aside from that it’s therapeutic for me. It’s like I get to share my thoughts, feelings, plight, struggle, victory, and everything else with the world and they lend me their ears and allow me to be me, allow me to be flawed and in return it makes me want to be better in every aspect.

 Who and/or what motivates you? My peers motivate me, my family, myself and everyone that has attain certain accolades I havent yet; motivates me to step it up a level.

 What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date? I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment to date would have to be performing at the BET awards in the live cypher alongside the legendary Dead Prez, and a fellow artist who is also phenomenal who goes by the name of Locksmith.

 What projects are you currently working on, I’m finishing up an EP expected to drop November 2016 titled “Hueman” all produced exclusively by Black Milk, and following that is my Debut project titled “Protect your Soul” produced exclusively by Beewirks who has credits including and not limited to pusha T, Kanye WestLil Wayne, and a plethora of other artist. I’m excited about both projects       .oswin-benjamin

 What changes would you like to see made in the music/entertainment industry? One of the changes I’d like to see honestly is just a balance. As human being I feel like we can’t exist with out the good and bad, the Ying and yang. Mind you, I love trap music and respect those artist that perform in that world, however I believe that there is a surplus of that content bombarding the airwaves and there isn’t enough light shown to the other side of the “trap”. My momma would tell me as a kid that too much of something is good for nothing and I feel like that’s where we are with this genre currently.

 What makes you different or sets you apart? I honestly believe that God gave me voice to shift the culture and to show my generation what it is to be blessed and still be flawed. I don’t have to seek for my identity in the identity of others. God already told me who I am and I have a job to spread the message of love, faith, struggle, and glory to those who believe that you can only be successful by doing what your told and not what you feel. 

 What crews, company’s, labels are you apart of ? I don’t have any crews or companies that I am apart of at the moment honestly. I just congregate with my peers and try to find ways to make an impact.

 What type of equipment do you use, what other skills/talent do you have? Not to many people know this, but I’ve been a singer all my life and that’s a talent that I’m perfecting and refining as we speak. 

What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies? I love to play basketball, that’s like my favorite thing to do when I’m not making music.

  Anything else you want to add/ Any ShoutoutsWhat’s your Social Media? I just want to say thank you again to you for the interview! I had a great time! Shout out to the whole 2244, shout out to Rich Nice and Court Digga and shout out to you for reading this whole thing. You can find me and my music at I love you and God loves you. #protectyoursoul

Thank you for your time Oswin, keep being you 🙂  make sure yall follow Oswin Benjamin on social media @OswinBenjamin


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