Straight Official With Fleet Model Trista T

[box_dark]What is one thing you love about modeling?[/box_dark]
I enjoy the opportunity to transform into somebody else for the moment. I love the challenge of trying to tape into what the photographer is looking for.

[box_dark]How long have you been in the industry?[/box_dark]
I’ve been modeling for about 3 yrs. now.

[box_dark]What inspires your shoots?[/box_dark]
Getting to pretty much play dress up and become someone else for the moment is enough inspiration for me lol. But I alway try to out do my last. That’s always my motivation.

[box_dark]Where are you from?[/box_dark]
I am original from NJ but I spent my teenage yrs. in NC. So I like to think I’m the best of both worlds, the North and the South lol. But I now reside in Atlanta GA.

[box_dark]What models in the industry inspire you the most today?[/box_dark]
Keyshia Dior. I love her. She took her opportunity as a model and turn it into an empire.

[box_dark]What do you like in a man?[/box_dark]
I man that can dress and has a great since of humor.

[box_dark]How can a man turn you off?[/box_dark]
Being to pushy and mushy. I hate real mushy men lol.

[box_dark]What makes you different from other models today?[/box_dark]
Think my personality makes me different. While all models have a confidence about you can see, I like to think that I have a the personality and confidence that you can also see by looking at me that says I’m a humble fun living person. Easy to work with and very easy to love!

[box_dark]What do you want your future fans to know about you?[/box_dark]
That I promise to continue to bring the heat and alway keep them on the edge of there seats ;-).

what is your contact info
Well you can always find me at my website For bookings you can email me at And of course I’m in Twitter & Instagram @OnlyTristaT

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