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[box_dark]What’s going on for those who don’t know who you are, please introduce yourself… (Briefback ground of where you were born and raised[/box_dark]
I’m DJ Beanz aka Holla at Beanz aka The Boston Baked B**ch lol I’m from the North Shore of Massachusetts, lived everywhere from Boston to Florida to the DMV. I’m a DJ and a Program Director.

[box_dark]When did you first decide you wanted to enter into the music industry and why?[/box_dark]
Music has been like life support to me ever since I could remember. Singing, dancing, making my own little beats on my little casio             & yamaha keyboards. I used to just promote for independent labels and when I moved to Florida I started messing around on some friends/DJs’ turntables when we were having meetings or just chilling. One night they tossed me out on a public set and when everyone got up and started dancing I realized at that moment I wanted to DJ. I want to put great music in peoples ears and play what makes them dance and nod their heads, give them that musical life support.

[box_dark]What projects are you currently working on?[/box_dark]
I’m focused mainly on branding my mixtape series and mix show “Reigning Real”. Reigning Real deemed an appropriate title for the material I tend to work with, the realest hip hop from back in the day to today whether it’s independent or major artists and producers. I also have a series with my mixtape partner DJ Fade “Audio Cognac”.

[box_dark]What do you think of the current state of Hip Hop and the direction its headed?[/box_dark]
This is a subject I could go on for days. The current state of hip hop is a disaster because what is considered “hot” nowadays is absolute garbage in my opinion. BUT there are so many talented artists that have deserved a come up for years finally shining and keeping true and lyrical hip hop alive, such as Pusha T, Slaughterhouse and legends like D Block and Wu Tang coming together with Wu Block to keep us old hip hop heads happy lol. It’s a shame how the true elements of hip hop culture, such as the craft and importance of the DJ, is dying out.

[box_dark]What positive changes would you like to make within the music industry?[/box_dark]
I just want to continue to break records and help true talent and ambition shine. I will continue to do my part and keep the art of the craft alive. Keep the mixtape game alive and I’ll continue to support what I consider real hip hop and not feed into the bottle poppin, skinny jeans epidemic.

[box_dark]How do you spend the ounce of free time you seem to have? Any hobbies?[/box_dark]
I dont get much free time, which is fine because music is my passion so I enjoy my work. During free time I try to practice, but I love to travel and Im a huge basketball fan. So, my new hobby might be going to a Celtics game in every state! lol

[box_dark] What message would you like to state to those who want to enter into the industry as Djs, Artists, and Producers?[/box_dark]
You’ve got to have a thick skin, don’t burn bridges and taking constructive criticism and using it to grow is key. Talent gets you so far but your grind has to be on 1000%….it’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it, and don’t ever let anyone discourage you from doing what you love and are great at!!!

[box_dark]What do u like about the music biz and what don’t u like[/box_dark]
I dont think anybody likes the “politics” of the biz. And staying true to yourself and what you love is hard to do when the industry is so demanding with trends and images. But, thats also one of the things I love about it, its an every day challenge to keep up but keep it real, especially being a woman in the industry.

[box_dark]What would you like to state to those who have supported you throughout your life and within your
musical career? Any Shout Outs?[/box_dark]
There’s so many influential people throughout my life and I couldn’t possibly name them all. But I do know there’s a lot of people who have supported me and stood by me through thick and thin and trust I know who they are. I appreciate each and every one of my fans, supporters and haters because YOU are the ones that motivate me the most. I have come a long way and I really have to thank The Fleet DJs, especially Klassik and Supreme, for opening many doors for me, Swurv Radio and the whole Swurv family. Major shout to my mentors for guiding me in so many ways and continue to bless me with knowledge and motivation, DJ Ykcor, DJ Infamous (VA), and DJ Fade. I’m eternally grateful.

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