Kain is not a fresh face in the music scene. Hauling from Pantego, North Carolina, he is a socially driven hip hop mega star. His music does not reflect the music that is coming out today. Kain’s music is highly inspired by the 90’s and you can surely agree when you get a wiffle of his bars and style of flowing.

A young and bright fella, who has a purpose to ignite all his listeners with their own flames of success. He created Enoch Coalition LLC, and has huge plans in the works for his company.  I have personally met Kain and I am amazed with the energy that you can feel while in his presence. He is very mindful of the social influences that takes place in the day to day operations around the world.

I want to take this time to walk down memory lane with you guys to tell you how Kain and I met. It is only right to give you guys the scoop, right! He is a performer and I have watched him shut down stages on many occasions in the Midwest. He is surely a talented brother that you should support and keep in tune with.

Recently, he released his new song [Armageddon] from his schedule to drop on Friday, December 16th, 2016. Kain’s new EP titled [Black: A Story Told by Kain] is piece art blended with tones you can not live without. I am surely looking forward to what he has cooking on this project.

Watch [Armageddon] Today!

Directed and Shot by @LGIdopefilms

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