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In the world of investments, the winners smell opportunity and get in on the ground floor so that when the value goes up, they capitalize on what others have overlooked. Well, not too much is different in the music business. There is a rapper or producer born every minute. However, when you’ve been in the music business for a while, one will develop an instinct for what we call “the special kind” aka Bruce Leroy’s “The Glow” and when Taji aka Tane Runo speaks you can tell greatness is already in him.

Originally from Columbus Ohio, Tane’s parents moved to Atlanta Georgia around 2002. What started out as a pastime making beats on Fruity Loops in his early teens, has carved out a promising career for the young producer. He is also part of an aspiring group out of ATL entitled Wast Wain (We Always Speak This Way Around Ignorant Niggas).

In his early 20’s he’s created quite a resume for himself considering he has made tracks for heavy hitters such as Justin Bieber and a song that’s presently in heavy rotation on ESPN & The Discovery Channel, Usher Raymond’s Stronger. He is currently producing the majority of Burberry Perry’s (Lil Yachty’s homie) upcoming project.

OTT  had a few questions for the young lion.

OTT: So who kinda groomed you to be the producer you are now?

TR: When I was around 11, my dad had me working with Toby Rivers and he was working with LaFace at the time and I was going by the name of Taji Dynamite. I wasn’t even producing around that time, I was rapping. But this was around the same time “Snap Music” was big in Atlanta and so playing around I made this beat for my homie and I caught the bug from there. From there I joined a music camp called Pac’s kids and it just continued to develop. I just continued to get better and better.

OTT: Where you geeked when you found out Justin Bieber was going to be using one of you beats?

TR: Yes and No. All things considered I made my first placeable industry beat when I was 14. Like…I knew it was ready to go. So I didn’t think nothing of it when they said they were taking my tracks to Justin. But then when Justin tweeted snippets of him doing a song over my beat and he gave me a mention, it was like Whoa! this is getting real. Unfortunately they didn’t end up using that song, but it ended up opening a lot of doors for me! It was engineered by my partner Def Beats but my manager Jay who’s phenomenal, was instrumental in getting it heard, so it just really came down to a good team and being blessed Layne.

OTT: Speaking of open doors, that Justin beat lead to producing Stronger for Usher right?

TR: To be honest that beat was like three or four years old too. I made that beat in my room with my lil keyboard and 2 atoms plugged into like this old ass mixer. We sat on it for a while until my manager Jay had a meeting with Ushers people and he called me later that day and said they picked up Stronger. Once they sent over that paperwork…That’s when I got excited LOL! But to see it being played on ESPN and  Discovery Channel ….shit is a movie man!

OTT: So when are you releasing your album?

TR: Do they still say album? Lol nah I’m just playin. We just gonna put out mixtapes to test the waters, and once Wast Wain builds up a big enough buzz, then we’ll consider putting out a solid project. In the meantime I’m producing Burberry Perry’s new joint. Perry….lol……one thing I like about Perry is, that dude is strange…like weird but in a real cool way. I fucks wit Perry, Layne for real. One day, we were vibin in the studio and he said “Tane, why aren’t you rich yet?” …..I laughed because I know it’s coming.

OTT: Before you go, we need you to give us your Top 5 MC’s

TR: Do they still say MC’s? LOL (OTT interrupts “You’re on a role tonight sir LOL”) Nah I’m serious like you can’t say these dudes even rap anymore. But ok I’ll try

  1. Kendrick Lamar
  2. Andre 3 Stacks
  3. Eminem
  4. Drake
  5. Jay Z

OTT: On The Table really thanks you for hanging out with us Tane! We wish you much success young KING!

TR: To be honest this was like my first official interview. I felt like Kanye cuz I had so much stuff I wanted to say and get of my chest.

OTT: This is our first national publication so that makes two of us. We’ll definitely have you back.






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