Dj Malone’s top 5 list of songs Of 2016

Ok before I start this post. I was thinking of all the list that people are making, and I said “Hell, why not make my own?” Now please keep in mind. This list that I made is my opinion. I’m also going to break down, why I like the song. From the production, lyrics, and how they are coming on the track. Before we do this, I want people to know that. We are in a different generation than the 90s or even the early 2000s. So with that being said, lyrics aren’t the focal point as they used to be, and these are songs that I may not have liked, but You CAN NOT say they were not making traction!

Let’s start, shall we…

#5 Wicked- Future

Now the beat alone, makes me wanna move. But how future comes on the track, his sound, and of course that damn hook. I don’t know what it is but, the hook can make em wiggle. The song wasn’t just a big hit in the clubs but took over the radio from coast to coast.





#4 Broccoli- Lil Yachty & Big Baby D.R.A.M.

Now, personally I cannot stand this song, but I will not take away the fact that every time that I play it on the radio or in the club, people go crazy. The fact that the song just seems so original and so unorthodox that it really does work with the duo together on the song. I must say I didn’t even know you could use broccoli in the form of a metaphor it’s very catchy, and after a while like I said people just seemed to love it.


#3 Bad and Boujee- Migos

Very late in the year, this song came out I first heard the song in a DJ pool. I checked it out and gave it a real good listen. For once I could understand what they’re saying. Once again I’m not going to take away from any of the talent or achievements. But I essentially didn’t get them early on. But how they are coming on track! The beat is fire, and it has a catchy hook. They won the people over with this song.

#2 No Problems-Chance The Rapper.

Now this track is something special to me; it goes fire on all accounts. How he comes on the hook, his flow, and saying something to me. The video had me going, not only putting major artists but also showcasing Chicago upcoming artists





#1 For Free – Drake
Now, what can I say about this song the people haven’t already said before? The track is really good. And it pays tribute to Too Short. Drake the brought the heat on this song, and he’s just having fun. Also as a DJ this mixes well with just about any BPM that’s 100. The track threw an assist to DJ Khaled and brought the people to hear his new album. It was being played everywhere and sung by everyone. So big ups to him.

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