[HEALTH] Tips and Tricks For A Healthier You For 2017!

Usually with the preparation of the new year we all began to focus on better health,wealth and other activities that we feel we have neglected throughout the year. On top of the list of “New Year Resolutions” for most women I’ve surveyed is  to either lose weight, become more active with fitness or to eat better in the new year.


While maintaining an active lifestyle is always a plus,your diet contributes to your weight loss most of all. If you exercise and continue to eat fried or fatty foods, you wont get anywhere. That’s because the calories you burn off will be replaced in greater content once you eat again.It’s not conducive to losing weight. However, I did some research and determined what foods could actually be profitable for your overall health success.The time of day that you consume foods also have completely effects on your body, Who knew?!


First lets talk about bananas. These have been found most effective if they are consumed during lunch hours. Bananas work wonders on your skin and help strengthen the immune system. If they are consumed in the evening hours it could lead to mucus formation and actually disturb your digestion.


Next  let’s talk about apples. Apples are very good to eat during breakfast hours because they contain pectin which lowers your blood sugars as well as your cholesterol levels. It’s harmful to consume apples in the night hours because they  increases your stomach acid emphatically.


Now we have Yogurt. Everyone knows that yogurt is good for you, but did you know that the best time to eat yogurt is at dinner time? It aids with faster digestion of your dinner and helps  curb the “late night cravings”. Yogurt should not be eaten for breakfast! It causes the stomach to become very acidic and can ultimately have adverse effects such as damaging your stomach lining and causing other gastric issues. Who knew? I know I am usually the first one to mix granola and yogurt in the am hours and think I was eating great, After further reading I found that it’s not good  at all.


Water, yes water.We all have heard time and time again that water is essential. But did  you know that  you  should consume at least 64oz per day? It improves skins elasticity as well as flushes your body of impurities and harmful toxins.


Lastly, this one made me feel good. Chocolate! Yes Dark chocolate is best if eaten for breakfast.It provides antioxidants which reduce ageing and decrease the risk of heart disease! It also helps minimize aging. Just remember, eat in moderation not in excess. If eaten in mass quantities it can still increase body fat.


Those are a few tips of foods to eat and times to eat them. We all know to stay away from fried or fatty foods. There are ways that you can become more active too.  There are lots of people who struggle with exercise or the mere thought of going to the gym freaks them out. Lets incorporate exercise in your daily activities.


Walk more. Walking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that you can do. So when you go to work, park far away from your building and walk. When you go to the grocery store park far and walk. Walk around your home or p and down your block. Anything to get the blood moving is a plus.


Do arm lifts. There are so many weighted items in your home that you would be surprised. Grab a can of veggies and curl your arm In 30 count reps. Then build them up. When this gets light grab something heavier.


I can go on and on with steps you can take and foods you can eat to help improve your overall health. But we all know to stay away from sugars and carbs. No sodas, cakes,cookies or fries. Eat lean and you will feel better. Hope these few tips help with your resolutions. Have a safe and wonderful new year!

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