[MUSIC] House Music “Tylenol Three’s Bottle”

House Music… an often forgotten about sub-genre of Hip Hop. Originated in the Warehouse nightclub in Chicago during my favorite time period: the 1980s – mid 1990s.
The fashion, the atmosphere, Marty McFly, MTV, NWA, the carefree lifestyle, the women, the best flavors of Koolaid EVER, the emergence of Hip Hop…i can go on forever, but i digress.

House Music originated as an offshoot of Disco: a dying genre at the time. The music itself was always so energetic, you could not help but to get up and MOVE! Adding DJ scratching and sampling to the mix only made the party go on until the sun peeked in your parents bedroom!

I know what alot of you are thinking:

  • you were just a baby in the 1980

s. Yes, i was. So what? One does not forget the era, ever!

With that being said, it’s time to weigh in on my favorite House songs!

Show Me Love by Robin S

How can you NOT like this song? For one, this song SCREAMS 1990s. One simply does not hold the wall. One must grab a lady and make her sweat her fresh perm away, young grasshopper.

It’s Time For the Perculator by Green Velvet

Ahh, yes. The Perculator… let us pray: Tylenol 3, thank you for bringing back the memory of twerking before twerking was even a word. Also Tylenol 3, thank you for reminding us of how sweet it was to feel out a woman before you pulled out the little black book as you sealed the deal. In House Music’s name we pray, Congratulations.

French Kiss By Lil Louis

Speaking of sealing the deal, this song is the epitome of “get the number before the lights come on.” The synthesizers, drums, changing tempo, even the…ahem…it speaks for you very clearly: GET HER IN THE PASSENGER SEAT OF YOUR FORD GT SO THE BOTH OF YOU CAN HAVE THE BEST PART OF YOUR NIGHT…waffle house.

House Music is a very fun genre within the lifestyle of Hip Hop. I’ve very recently begun to produce this genre, and i wonder why i haven’t started sooner! Do yourselves a favor and throw some House Music in your New Years Eve party mix! Stay safe, and i mean in EVERY aspect!

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