[HEALTH]Leave Your Bad Habits Behind With 2016

It’s 2017, a time to knock out old habits. We can no longer wait to switch them up with healthy trends and bring in the new year right. People tried last year to change up their less than natural beauty routine, but it’s time to bring dedication to the movement.

Here are the worst bad habits almost all of us have and some alternatives to make the change a little easier. No one said change was simple, but it’s well worth it.

1. Stop touching your face.

Whether it’s picking at a pimple or applying makeup with your hands, touching your bare skin is harmful. Be honest, you don’t always wash your hands before tending to a new zit. Imagine all the bacteria your adding to your already blemished face. 

2. Use make up brushes and clean them.

The rule of not touching your face is the same when applying make up. Your hands aren’t proper tools. Use make up brushes and for goodness sake clean them first. If you don’t, they will harvest more bacteria and contribute to your breakouts, not help them.

3. Think before you sleep. 

By that I mean to think about all the harm make up can cause when left on for hours and especially over night. If you already deal with troubled skin think of how much more damage you are doing by leaving it on! Your pores will be clogged, you could infect existing pimples, and it will prematurely age your skin. All great reasons to remove your make up and cleanse your skin right afterwards!

You can check out my last post on using coconut oil as a makeup remover or even using sulfate and paraben free make up removing wipes.

4. Throw out your shampoos.

Shampoos are filled with sulfates, water, wax, and plenty other additives that are no good for your hair. Shampoos will clean your hair, yes, but the bad out weighs the good on this one. Instead of using your average shampoo at home, swap it out for sulfate and paraben free products from Shea Moisture or Cantu. Those are my top two go to brands, but there are plenty more.

Another alternative to shampoos and cleansers are co-washes. Co-wash is short for conditioner washing and does the trick to clean your hair and moisturize it at the same time! Just check out my earlier post on co-washing to learn more.

5. Switch your lotions for oils.

Moisturizing your skin is key, especially during the winter season. Cold, dry weather leads to chapped, flakey skin and we all know this. Therefore, every time we get out of the shower we reach for our favorite “hydrating” lotions. The only problem, water is normally the main ingredient. On top of that they are full of waxes, sulfates, fragrances, and more that all cause harm to your skin. Most times, lotion even contributes to overall dryness. It doesn’t heal your skin, but rather works as a band aid to mask dry skin, only drying it out further with uneccesary additives.

 Instead use natural oils which heal and hydrate your parched skin. Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil are my suggestions, but do your research and you will discover and abundance of oils to chose from. After even just a week, you will notice a huge difference in the way your skin looks and feels!

Comment below and let me know all the bad habits you’re leaving behind with the new year! 


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