[BEAUTY] Making Your Hair A Personal Choice

We either like our hair or we don’t. Some curly haired women yearn for straight hair and ladies with smooth locks crave something kinkier. We must all remember one thing, though, YOUR HAIR IS YOUR CHOICE!
In a society that always encourages the change of your personal appearance we must ask ourselves…. how far will we go? Do we really think we need to look different, or is it the pressure of conformity? How much do we want to impress the world?

These are questions to ask because it’s 2017 and time to put ourselves first. Time to look in the mirror and live us for us. Change is not always a bad thing, in fact, it’s positive, but changing yourself for others could damage more than just your hair.

For ladies who love to straighten their hair, girl you better work it! You can still color, add heat to, and change up your hair in a healthy way. There are so many products out there that offer to heal and protection for your hair, curly, colored, or straight.

Yet, there are women who see the damage, hate it, and wish they could go natural. Well, you can! There are so many products now catering to specific hair types for repairing, nourishing, and strengthening your locks.

It’s a process that takes dedication of time, effort, and mainly self-love. The most important thing to remember is that your hairstyle is a representation of yourself and you should love it! So whether you’re dedicated to protecting your hair from heat damage or nourishing your natural tresses, keep in mind that if you love it, that’s all that matters.

If you are natural and need tips check out the many other articles in the beauty section! EVERYTUESDAY check back in for more and always remember self-love is the most gorgeous part of your beauty regimen.

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