So, unless you have been living under a rock the entire 11 days of this year, I’m quite sure you have caught on to this guy who has the internet going nuts! The videos themselves had me needing a defibrillator. They should have their own section on Food Network as “soft food porn.” When the memes started rolling out, oh my God. Some call him the “Sprinkle Chef”, some call him “Salt Bae”. I took it upon myself to research. So, who is this guy exactly?

Facts about the Sprinkle Chef/ Salt Bae:

He is a super smooth Turkish Chef by the name of Nusret Gökçe.

He co-owns the popular steakhouse Nusr-et, which has many locations throughout Turkey and Dubai.

The Restaurant caters to several celebrity clientele.

What really caught my attention (besides the salt) was how he treats the meat. He rubs the meat, he caresses the meat with butter as if he is rubbing hot massage oil over it, he sensually spanks the meat. A lot of you dudes can take notes! No, don’t go to your freezer and start a mess in the kitchen. Treat your women as such…err, minus cutting her with a knife. Anyway, back to the salt! You can’t deny it..he is ULTRA SMOOTH WITH IT! That final touch…(listens to E-40 as he does.) I really hope my mom hasn’t caught wind of this fiasco. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. She would be wooing over him like she did LL Cool J..along with other women.

Now, on to the memes. Of course, the internet could not WAIT to turn this smooth fella into a sensation. It seems like a new meme has been posted every 2 or 3 hours on Instagram (literally!). So, for my, ahem, sprinkle on this post, I shall post a few of these memes. Enjoy!

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