[NEWS] Diddy Calls Out Rap Drama As “Buffoonery & Coonery”

Diddy says “enough is enough” in a video on snapchat. He’s “burned out” with the hip-hop culture. The media mogul went on a passionate and straightforward rant pointing out that he would be deleting his social media accounts because of what he recognizes as “cooning and buffooning” in Hip Hop music.

He also encouraged people to check out the history of hip-hop stating “Netflix has this great documentary on hip-hop, the history of hip-hop. I know I think Steve Stoute did one, Fab Five [Freddy]… Just go to YouTube, man. Go to YouTube, man.”  One could see his frustration in the video below. “I’m staying off my social devices. It’s too much cooning and buffooning. Too much cooning and buffooning..”

The Bad Boy leader also seemingly became so irritated and stated: “Believe me, when I get my thoughts together, I’m going to figure out a way to articulate myself because this conversation ain’t even for the whole world to hear, it’s just for us.” Check out the video on YouTube below.


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