When it’s night-time, things are totally different from what goes on in the daylight. Activity starts to slow down; kids go to sleep, programming changes on TV, the nightlife begins, and so forth. With all of the transitional changes, music has to be one of the best ones. Why? I’m glad you asked. Everyone loves slow jams! No matter if you’re single, dating, in a relationship, engaged, or even locked down by marriage, slow jams are always played. In my opinion, the best times to play slow jams (besides the obvious) are study sessions, road trips, or even just sitting and chilling at night. Just be sure to stay protected when you decide you’re done chillin’ alone.

This goes without saying: everyone has their own favorite slow jam. Some people may have an entire playlist filled with hundreds of their favorites. Personally, I don’t listen to slow jams much, but when I do, I can literally listen the entire night with no interruptions. Instead of a biased approach, I’m going to go over some of the best chart-topping slow jams, ever. I’m quite sure a lot of you out there reading this will agree with this!



Blackstreet – Before I Let You Go

This song is pretty much the prelude to the [insert head-board sounds here]. Seriously, if this song isn’t in your playlist, then you’re either too young, or you’re just strange. This song was once known to back you up after a bad argument. If you’re on your 3rd date, then this song should be your go to.

Maxwell – This Woman’s Work

Onward to foreplay. You dudes should have taken notes from the movie Love and Basketball. This song is still perfect to get that extra edge that you need. She will also be more appreciative of you paying more attention to her body as you play this. Keep going, brother. Keep going.

Ginuwine – Pony

Now, to the main event. Let’s just say this song has caused quite a lot of, ahem, disturbances. This is one song that is known to this day to light the fire for any behind the blinds activity. Warning: do NOT play this song unless you are 100 percent sure that you are not in the friend zone! I hold no responsibility for your following embarrassment.

Aaliyah – At Your Best

And for when you are all finished, this song is perfect for pillow talking. Hopefully, you are doing the good and harmless pillow talk, not selling her dreams. Outside of context, this song is also perfect to listen to on a late night ride to the store. Another timeless classic that has graced the charts.

I wish I could fit more, but there’s some very familiar chart toppers! What are your favorite slow jams?

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