[INTERVIEW] Chucky Workclothes & Omega: Indy’s Grind Duo


By definition, the term collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something. The genre of Hip-Hop over the years has flourished because of this trend, giving us timeless productions and unforgettable partnerships between talented artists.

Indianapolis has several hip-hop artists that are spearheading the genre into the future; however, the concept of coming together to streamline the movement hasn’t been the trending topic as of late.

My travels through the Circle City to highlight our city’s brightest led me to link up with Classic Entertainment’s Omega Legacy and Team Insomniac’s Chucky Workclothes. Two vested artists in their craft, they recently wrapped up the Hard Work Pays Off 2016 tour that featured artists such as Lil Wyte, Young Bleed, and many others.

We chopped it up at la Margarita in Fountain Square. Dubbed as “the Ruth Chris of Mexican food” by Omega himself, we talked about the state of Hip-Hop in Indy as well as their recent collaboration effort titled Let It Be.

Every good story has a beginning and I asked how this union between the two came to fruition. Chucky remembers it vividly. “I met O during the time that I was working with Young Bleed on individual projects. We came together through promotions and working alongside one another, doing shows and touring and we came to respect each other’s style and really wanted to show people that two heads were better than one.”

Omega reaped the benefits of this merger. “That was a really great summer for me. I did a lot of running the streets off of Young Bleed and My Balls and My Word was something I lived by. I was at home one day and received an inbox from Chuck and he told me how Bleed was looking for artists to work with and I had to jump on it!”

Let It Be serves as a statement record, one that Chucky holds with high regard. “The song is one that establishes our presence in this industry. In keeping our nose to the grind, we’re often humble about a lot of things, but sometimes people want to hear you say give me the credit that we do deserve.”

Omega seconded that notion, adding “It’s one of the first songs where I could flex my pipes in terms of singing. The song is a diamond to me in terms of the sound and overall expression throughout and it’s one of the best recordings I have done this year.”

Chucky Workclothes and Omega Legacy are two artists that you will not be able to miss in 2017. You can follow them on all social media platforms and the new single is available through Tidal and Apple Music. The video for Let It Be drops today as well and be on the lookout for the Hard Work Pays Off 2017 tour coming to a city near you starting in April.

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