The score was 28-9 early in the fourth quarter and my thought was to start writing this article at that moment. Needless to say, I took a few seconds to think and said nah chill B, Brady is still playing you never know… Lo and behold we bared witness to the greatest comeback in Super-Bowl History for the now 5-time Champion and 4-time Super bowl MVP aka G.O.A.T. Tom Brady.


When the 2016 season started for the New England Patriots their starting Qb for the past 15 years was sidelined by the NFL with a suspension for the infamous case of “deflate-gate” 2 seasons ago. Brady was suspended the first four games of the season and many teams in the AFC thought this was the perfect chance to get a few legs up on them and dethrone them in the conference. Quite the contrary, the backup QB’s “led” the Pats to a 3-1 start. All Brady did was return to his usual MVP form with 28 TD’s and only 2 int’s as the team went 11-1 once he took the helm.


In only 12 games he still managed to place 2nd in the leagues MVP race showing how truly respected he is. While he took second in this match up, as he went head to against the MVP Matt Ryan, he showed Roger Goodell and everyone watching that he is the best to ever do it on the biggest stage of all, Super Bowl 51.


Brady was hit early and often and seemed to have no timing with his receivers throughout the first half. In fact Brady threw his first pick 6 of the yearzz with 3 minutes prior to halftime spotting Atlanta a 21-0. He managed to keep his head up and marched his team down for a critical Fieldgoal just before the half.


Down 28-9 the announcers said it and I paraphrase… You get so used to Belichick, Brady and these Patriots making a comeback you just are wondering when it’s going to happen. Once confidant and mistake free the Falcons were now missing blitz pick-ups and had their first turnover of the post season. These were just the breaks Brady needed as his experience and savvy allowed him to march down for TD’s on consecutive drives and tie the game before winning it in overtime.


Nevermind the greatest comeback in Super-Bowl history (no team has ever come back from more than 10 down in the big game let alone 19 points in the final quarter.) while on the route to the win he set a record with 456 passing yards! In this game the door is now officially shut, Tom Brady is the best QB that has played the game. When you combine Rings, MVP’s, leadership, and most importantly the #1 factor that QB’s are judged by… how does he do in the big. I have to say like him or not you gotta put some respeck on his name.

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