Since the beginning of hip-hop, rap beef has always had its place. Some settle the beef by fighting. Some resolve the beef by arguing. Some may even kill each other to settle the beef. In my opinion, the best way to settle rap beef is via the exchange of diss tracks.

Diss tracks have a history within themselves. I believe they are the best way to settle the beef due to flexing lyrical ability. Most of my favorite artists and some of my not so favorite have released incredible diss material. Some hurtful, some vindictive, and some even extremely funny at the other artist’s expense of course. At any rate, here’s a few a lot of you know. A couple are from the past, and a couple are more recent.

Ice Cube – No Vaseline

How can you not know this classic! This diss track was as real as well as hysterical. What can you say? NWA did bring it on themselves. I still play this track to this day for a laugh.

Tupac – Hit Em Up

Another classic diss track everyone should know. Tupac went in on Biggie; you can’t deny it. Did he do what he said he did with Faith Evans though? I still wonder that to this day. Oh well, shouldn’t be that important.

Drake – Back To Back

This diss song was funny to me. Not only that, this one went commercial super quick! There was nothing Meek Mill could say to come back. The hook is catchy as well. Bet you’ll sing along.

Young Dolph – Play Wit Yo Bitch
I laughed hysterically from beginning to end with this diss track. The ad libs made this track much funnier. The day this one came out, I played it back to back, just like he says in the song. I’m laughing now just thinking about it.

Any diss track, not on this list that you like? Let me know!

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