Sometimes as a DJ, I might reminsce on those moments when I check my social media and email to fine pure talent and good music. It feels like forever since the last time that has happen.

Recently, during one of my Get Hip with Dj Mos Precious’s Web Series, I was honored to interview Sachhi from Tha Goonez Production team out of Kansas City, KS. We talked about some of his personal achievements which led to me meeting this very talented artist by the name of GrittySound from North Carolina.

GrittySound has one of the most amazing musical talent that I am not ashame to vouch for and push to the lovely readers of I have so much positive feedback for this brother, that I have to tell you all how i feel. Very rare, one of the most diverse sound I have heard since like forever. I love coming across music that has a consistent sound but yet so non-consistent. Teaming up with Tha Goonez for his last album release, I think was a very smart and stragetized move because you can feel their chemisty.

Sometimes, I think artists forget how important and crucial it is to have a good working relationship with producers versus getting leases off line. Not that I am knocking that hustle some producers choose, I am strictly highlighting that artists with a good relationship with a producer will help produce one helluva of a concrete project with a sound like none other.

Check out one of many classics titled “Cindrella” from upcoming artist {GrittySound} right here!!! I got you a exlcusive listen first!!!

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