Producers use different types of tools to create. Some use pure software, some use pure hardware, some use a mixture of both. My absolute favorite part of a production setup is the drum machine.

AKAI has set the standard years ago for the drum machines of today. Some can be standalone, some integrate with software, and there’s even stripped down versions of them called “controllers”. For me personally, drum machines have made production work flow much more efficient. There are classic drum machines that i love, as well as some of the newer ones. Let’s look at a few of them.

Roland TR-808

A music production classic and one of the most recognizable drum sounds. If it were not for this drum machine, 808 Mafia would not even exist. This machine was intended for use on demo tapes only, but since became standard for hip hop production. If I can get my hands on one of these, I would be extremely happy.

Akai MPC

My absolute favorite drum machine: the Akai MPC. The 16 pressure sensitive pads just makes production so much fun. The ease of chopping samples (once you learn it) makes production so much easier. My favorite model in particular has to be the 2000 XL, due to the analog sound. That may change once I get hold of the new MPC X!

Native Instruments Maschine

I’ve only played with this drum machine a couple of times, and from what i experienced, it’s awesome as well. The integration with the Maschine software makes production fun as well with its seemingly endless sound library. Version 2 introduced the colored drum pads, which makes it easier for the producer to know which sound went were, without touching the pads. I may give this one another try again someday just to add diversity in my productions.

Which drum machine is your favorite?

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