From Denver, Cicely O’Kain has traveled the world to spread her talents to the masses. I met this lovely talent back in 2016, through a group of artists from North Carolina by the name of LGI Fest. I was their Midwest tour DJ, when they performed in Liberty MO at Club 906. I knew she was star when she arrived at the venue that night. Her presence was so bold and glowed like neon lights in a very dark room. It gets better because she came with a full package; live performance set, high powered vocals and her own style. I can could she really loves what she does and take it very serious.

It was so wonderful to connect with her because ever since that first night back in 2016, we have been in constant connection and have gotten the chance to be the first one to bring to Chicago area and to perform at one of the longest running Day Party Concert Series called “Sic Sundays” back in December of 2016. She performed on a star powered line with Grammy nominated artist Murphy Lee. I am proud to do a piece on her because I believe she is the next talent to blow from the mountains.

The most amazing part to add is that she is on the way to winning a grammy in the near years. Fresh off a conference call with the Worldwide Fleet DJs, Cicely O’Kain has a lot in store for the music lovers around the world. She writes to heal and has a beautiful young one to keep her motivation going. There is not sight of quitting from this young talented mother and artist. She can sing your pains away and bring a big smile to your sad day. Let’s make sure we keep motivating this young talent by sharing her videos and telling your friends about her.

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Watch her video [Park Hillside] below




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