SOM: (Rose Sway) How long have you been doing music?

Years. 10+ lol.  Was producer first, then just got into rapping naturally.  Just moved to ATL to make things Straight.. & Official

SOM: (Rose Sway) I like that, well from your mixtape people can interpret it in different ways. Do you feel the rap game is lacking real hip hop or rap?

I just think hip-hop is not coming from an authentic place.  I understand the trend aspect of it, and also the evolution of it.  However, I think most are now more so worried about “making it” opposed to the art of music.  Ironically, being original is the best way to make it.  So with everybody singing now and sounding like Migos, you turn on the radio, and it’s like a complete mashup of the same.  Same topics. Same flow. Same song. I think it contributes to Hip Hop not being featured on Super Bowl halftime shows, not being a bigger genre than its influence suggest.  A part of the reason is due to the cookie cutter artists

SOM: (Rose Sway) What can you or will you contribute to the industry?

My contributions to the music industry are giving a fresh face, a fresh style, and a new voice to music.  Trap music is great, but everybody can’t relate. My music will be played while people are working out, studying, going through breakups, falling in love.  I feel like hip hop is missing the commercial rapper that can be street but also but be normal.  We all go through the same things.  And I think that hip hop needs my voice as a middle man.  One that reaches audiences of all demographics and backgrounds while staying authentic; one that can get hip hop back at the Super Bowl halftime show.  My contributions to the music industry are giving a fresh face, a fresh style, and a new voice to music.

SOM: (Rose Sway) Tell me about Swish?

Swish is the official blend of sports and music in one.  There has always been the merged idea that sports and music go hand in hand, but there has never been an official face of that merge.  I am that. I like to promote health, diet, exercise, so by having an athletic name, with inspirational music, with athletic imagery, I think the official face of the music sports blend is here. I got into music at a real young age.  Well, it kinda really started riding in the car with my mother.  She would play songs and then I would go in the house and try to recreate them by getting drumsticks or trying to play the piano.  At age five she enrolled me in piano lessons which I hated at the time, but now I’m grateful for it. So in that, I started as a producer, knowing melodies, notes, etc,  I was heavily involved in sports.  Baseball since age 3.  Basketball since age 9.  I think those experiences shaped me to be who I am today, which in turn, has shaped my music.

SOM: (Rose Sway) Wrapping this up artist wise who are your type 3 that you would like to be compared to if any and what is your real name?

Haha my real name, you’re persistent.  It’s Keith. As far as comparable artists, I really can’t come up with anyone.  I’m not a trap musician, so that cancels out Future, Gucci Mane.  I’m not the singer emotional, so I’m not Drake.  I’m not the super conscious type, so I’m not J-Cole or Kendrick Lamar.  This is really a hard question to answer.  No one sounds like me. No one looks like me & I don’t trust fads.  I create them.  I’m sorry! But I’ll take the F on this question.

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