Let’s face it. Now and then, we all need to take a vacation, and for various reasons. Some of us need to take a break from work, some of us need a breath of fresh air, and some of us just simply love to travel and see new things. Many of us keep our vacations local, some travel across the country, even some of us travel across the world.

Me, personally, I prefer areas with Mediterranean or tropical climates, but I will travel practically anywhere. Some people love the idea of a winter wonderland. No matter where you go for vacation, the goal is common: to just have a great time. Who can argue with that logic? Everyone has their picks for great vacation spots, and so do I. Here’s mine.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I had to add this one due to the fact I’m traveling there in a week! This place isn’t for the “normal” human being. If you’re conservative, closed-minded, judgemental, or anything of that nature, then this place is not for you. If you’re into seeing strange things, the clickity-clack sound of dice, hiking in the desert, day drinking, partying, etc. , then go there! Just keep your experience to yourself.

Los Angeles, California

Ah, sweet Los Angeles. The City of Angels, as the name, literally means. If you’re going there expecting something like the Vatican, then you really have been sleeping under a Fatburger. Palm trees, the women, Hollywood, Crenshaw, the weed, the free spirits, I just love it all. Stay away from the hood and Hollywood Blvd at night, and you’ll be just fine.

Miami, Florida

Last, but not least, misleadingly beautiful Miami, Florida. The last time I’ve been, I was married. Not anymore, so it’s fair game! The beaches, the seafood, the bikinis, the chill people, the bikinis, the speed boats, the bikinis, the nightlife, and the bikinis. I just love it.

What’s your favorite vacation spots? Let me know!

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