So, my homie hit me up earlier and told me he had got hold of “God’s Gift,” so I wanted to give it a try since I haven’t smoked this strain before. God’s Gift is an Indica strain whose parents are OG Kush and Granddaddy Purp. When I grabbed the buds, they were dense and hearty, with a sweet fruity scent. Now that I’m off work, which is the perfect time to try this strain, I’m rolled up and ready to go! -Lights Zippo.

The taste is lovely! The sweet classic OG Kush flavor is slight, along with the grapes that remind me of home in Louisiana. The scent carries well in the wind, as purple should. The aftertaste is a mixture of Earthy and Grapeish after tones. The smoke is nice and milky, which gives you a nice cough. This is perfect for an Indica strain!

As I’m typing this review, I’m halfway through this Swisher. The onset of the high has a gradual transition, which should hit you just nicely after about 9 minutes. Euphoric and relaxing, all I can think about doing is eating a Craig-sized bowl of cereal, showering, eating, and letting Dragon Ball Super end up watching me. Homie, this is going to be some good sleep.

Overall, I give this strain 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend smoking this bud as a daytime smoke. Why? I’m glad you asked, young Grasshopper. You’re not gonna wanna do ANYTHING. As for chilling out before bedtime fresh out the shower with your significant other, your TV, or both, I give this a greenlight! Throw away those sleeping pills and keep this in your nightstand! I’ll see y’all later though. -Goes to pantry.

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