D.J. NoPhrillz has been on the music scene since 1996. He has won a lot of dj battles during that era, when DJ ing was more than pressing a button, you actually had to have scratch skills. He’s worked with many legends in the hip hop era. He is also the creature of PSP “Philly Supports Philly”. This has become a highly used phrase amongst Philadelphia residents and artist as well.
We took the opportunity to sit down and chat with D.J.NoPhrillz.
SOM: When did you fall in love with music?
Age of 6 …. Mom & Dad Phrillz always had good Music Spinning on there Marantz Turntable and Blasting Good Music thru Them House Party The Movie Speakers.

SOM: How did you come up with your name?
It came from phillys own Legendary Roots … Clones Single album cover clones … The bottom of the 12 inch it Said “No FriLLz ( S/o The Roots ) Philly support Philly!” The Name fits me Because it means 100 Percent authentic No Bulls#*t.
SOM: Ok, That’s dope! So who were some artist that you could say you really enjoyed working with?
There’s a lot that I can say I enjoyed working with but the ones that stand out the most is Ms Jade,Rich Quick, Free-Way, Mac Miller and Meek Mills.

SOM: I briefly touched on it, but tell the readers the true meaning of “PSP”.
#PSP #PHILLYSUPPORTPHILLY  Is a Movement that I started in the Early 2000″s  to unite my city together from music, sports , & Business! It’s working I love my City!

SOM: How did you come up with your slogan, let it play I gotchu? Did you say it one day and it just stuck?
Kind of it came Part From me & other part from my brother … But the bottom line it means I am a Real Certified Dj …So Let the music play  ahhh GotChu!!!
SOM: Ok! You said that with emotion too! Tell us,What projects are you currently working on?
My own Let It Play Music! There will be concerts,a new PsP mixtape and more! I  also have tour dates with Ms Jade. Currently acts such as Rick ROss , yo Gotti , Remy Ma & More are on the bill!
SOM: Nice, please let us now when that tour starts!
Fa sho!
SOM:What was the most embarrassing moment you have experienced since becoming a Celebrity DJ?
During a major concert; I was downloading a well known artist music while on stage! I held the show  up, and the crowd thought it was my fault! Lmao! So eventually  I had to put that artist & his Dj on Blast!!!!!!

SOM: If you could, please briefly explain your motivation behind your method of scratching. Was it something you were able to do instantly or did it take a lot of practice?
Motivation was Philly’s DJ legends Jazzy Jeff  & Dj Cash money!  It takes a lot of practice, I am still practicing! I’m inspired by the Dj Culture now on another level I love what’s going on! One more thing, P.S.A – Phrillz Service announcement;Thank you Klassik,O.S , 215 Dj A and the whole Fleet Organization For the Support!

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