A favorite bud smoking delivery mechanism has been in debate for as long as I can remember. Some people love papers; some people love pipes, some people love dab rigs, some even love edibles. Today, we are going to focus on cigars. Of course, cigars are unhealthy, but they do give a certain level of highness that’s satisfying. Some cigars are simple to roll; some require a certain degree of skill. I’m going to name a few of my favorites.

Swisher Sweets

Depending on where you are from, this is either a classic you can’t go wrong with or a cigar you wouldn’t dare touch. For me, this cigar is one of the best created to roll up with. Although this brand has many different flavors and sizes now, I usually go for the first sweets. Here’s a pro tip: roll it inside out, it will burn slower.

Dutch Masters

This is also one of my go to cigars. The vanilla dutch masters are my absolute favorite flavor, with the sweets coming second. The leaf always burns slow, and now that they are in foil packs, they are almost always fresh, instead of the crapshoot years ago with the plastic wrap. This cigar is best for smoking and driving if you’re brave.


This is a cigar that requires a unique skill to roll up with. Once you have the skill mastered, you will never turn back! Always slow burning and satisfying, Backwoods are a brand that you absolutely cannot go without! The sweets and the honey bourbon are the best ones in my opinion.

Game by Garcia Y Vega

These cigars have gained fame in the past few years, especially in the Baton Rouge area. Of course, being by Garcia Y Vega, these are always slow burning, smooth, and satisfying. The scent of the cigar does blend in with the bud well. These cigars are best for backyard BBQs or kickbacks in my opinion.

What’s your favorite brand?

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