Straight Official Interviews Hezeleo From Ugk

What is your name – Hezeleo
Where u from – Port Arthur TX.
How did u start rapping – The music was in me from elemenatry school watching the hip hop depictions an hearing cats like run dmc before than all the egiptian lover joints stuff like that inspired me to give it a go as a kid.

who inspired u to rap – i was into break dancing an all that , an really watched run dmc LL an king sun kool g rap an rakim. mainly in the early day.

Who are some artist u want to work with – young jeezy 2 chains all my houston gz that i havent got dwn with yet an mostly the hit makein g neggas in tha game.

When u listen to beats how do u pick your tracks – it makes me wana freestyle soon as tha beat drops then i no i can write easyly an quickly to it.

u bring from the south how do u feel about south music – its more colorful than its ever been i feel but i feel the lanes have labeled them selves so u get one lane trill music , slab music trap music clubby music gangsta music all lives in tha south an more

what project’s are u working – my original series Kangs 3

What’s next for u – Been discussing producing a dvd about the ugk posse the untold story an writeing some short storys have two finished other than that droppin that trill music as often as i can.

What would u tell somebody about the music biz that’s trying to get in it – try your best to have some kind of foundation an base built an service them until your demand becomes out of your reach than seek someone to help you expand than the ball will be in your court better if u run around with your hand out all you will get is a hand out.

Let the world know the crazy thing a fan has done to u or for u – lets just say during bizness hours at a hotel in a hall way thangs got crazy but fun an exciteing haha

we going to close this interview like this . give shout outs and whatever u want the world to know about u – god first get money shouts out to my ugk record fam mama c bun b my trill fam boosie webbie an my trill gang an all tha homies an females who have support me an my music all these years an check me out @hezeleo also like me on fb @hezeleo an checkout for all your trill gear.

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