What’s up guys? It’s been a little while. Between my Las Vegas trip, then coming back to Texas hitting the ground running with adulting, I’ve been pretty busy indeed. Now it’s time for another review. In Sin City, cannabis is legal, and I’ve had the pleasure of trying out this coveted gem: the Moon Rock. To who doesn’t know what a Moon Rock is, it’s usually Girl Scout Cookie buds dipped in cannabis oil, then rolled around in kief. I’ve heard many stories about this scrumptious creation, good and bad. Well, me being me, I had to try it myself. My best friend met me at the airport, and of course, he had a man-sized joint of it ready as soon as we hit I15. Do not smoke and drive like we do. OK, do what you want, but be safe.

Anyway, to the review. Keep in mind it was mixed with Presidential Kush, which I will review in a separate post. From the very 1st pull, right before the wonderful choke, I tasted nothing but grapes! I knew my cannabinoid receptors were in for it from that moment. 5 minutes into the freeway smoke session, I was, how do you say, lit. Surprisingly, I did not begin to feel lazy at all. In fact, I wanted to get into some mischief once I lay my bags down at the homie’s house. 10 minutes after ingestion, I was ready! Ready for what? I’m so glad you asked. I was ready to see the city then dive my snout into some Fatburger!

As for the high itself, if you don’t smoke anymore after a lunar session, it lasts around 3 – 4 hours, depending on how much you smoke regularly. Moon Rocks are not for the novice smoker! If you aren’t quite sure how much to smoke, simply grind a tiny bit in with a strain of your choice, then work your way up from there. Moon Rocks are best enjoyed with very good friends! Speaking of bud, I’m tired. -lights bowl then crashes.

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