MANY might recognize his name from all his battles and fights for justice throughout the Ferguson uproar and the killing of unarmed young man “Mike Brown” a few years ago. T-Dubb O might be described as a street thug with all this tattoos and agreesive lyrics but this young man is very educated and recently started his journey to get his degree in polictial science from the historic black university Harris Stowe. 

When many might think he is done with making music, he is in the studio cooking up bangers for all of us. He has strong presence in overseas and his battles are some of the top ranked to this day. He don’t express this but I will “Put some respect on his name”. One of the few putting on for my hometown of St. Louis, MO. 

T Dubb O is no stranger to lyrical combat. His latest release responds to Kendrick Lamar’s latest assault on the rap game in the spirit of HipHop. Dubb respects Kendrick and the entire TDE movement, but he’s clearly out to prove somthing.

Take a listen here

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