In the last rolling article, I discussed different types of cigars to enjoy your 420 experience. I know, not everyone smokes blunts. A lot of people who I know, including myself, enjoy smoking papers as well. Rolling papers are meant to be enjoyed as a solo session, or with a very close friend. Papers, in my opinion, deliver a different type of high. Depending on the brand of rolling paper, you can either taste the flavor of the paper, or you can taste your buds in full glory, only second to the pipes of course. I will discuss pipes next time. For now, heres a few favorite papers of mine throughout my 420 journey.


This has to be hands down my favorite brand of rolling papers. The classics are always great, but I prefer the organic hemp. Slow burning, mild smoke, and the cherry tend to stay even with these. I highly recommend these papers as an everyday smoke. For the best experience, use a filter. Trust me on this one.

Zig Zag

The iconic orange package. No 225. Everyone knows what a zig zag is. These papers are usually consumed by experienced smokers. The smoke can be kinda strong, but it’s an appreciated extra choke with the pull of choice buds. If you roll your spliff a little fat, you are sure to enjoy this brand.

Juicy Jay’s

If you want a little flavor in your life, Juicy Jay’s are the way to go. This brand, to my knowledge, is almost always organic hemp. When found in a smoke shop, the variety of flavors is always vast, so you might have a bit of a problem choosing a flavor within the 1st 3 minutes. My personal favorite is blueberry. If you wish to smoke and drive, black magic is the way to go, and you will smell why.

Roll you up a fat ol doob, and enjoy your wake and bake!

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