I waited longer than normal to drop this album review of Kendrick Lamar newest piece of work. I normally drop on Sundays but I had to make sure I captured all the puriness from this art before I released my interactions.

The wait was to make sure  I wrote a very  justified review of one of the music industry’s most unique talent. I want to make sure I stress that he has done it again….I feel like this was a sneak attack because he just dropped it and didnt really do any promotion for it it just hit the streams! I noticed that the lead single titled “Humbled”  reached over 900k in 90 seconds. Thats phenomenal and by researching music history, I find it hard to see any other artist come close to those numbers

Of course, I want to speak on the favorites on the project before I let you go. Make sure you listen to the entire project; Love, Element, Loyalty, and the other 11 tracks to be honeset, its amazing music!

But,  I to want to highlight a very unique perk to the song titled “Lust”, the production on this cut is so dope that it sneaks up on your while you impatiently waiting for the lyrics to kick in. Make sure you take all 5 mins to experience this song, which has a touch of Prince and a spin of Michael Jackson. This album is pure on all aspects from production to concepts. The selection of collaborations is unique as well. He linked up with U2, which is an amazing collaboration to have on a hip hop collective of music.

Make sure you support conscious music or hip hop should I say, it is the music for the people. You can surely visit another space in your mind listening to this piece of art. So don’t keep waiting to check out one of the dopest project to drop in my opinion since Devin the Dude  “Acoustic Levitation” a few weeks ago.



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