In this segment of 420 with Tylenol 3, we are going to visit one of my favorite methods of bud consumption: pipes and bongs. No matter what anyone says, this method is awesome. I’ve pretty much smoked bud in anything from the grandaddy pipe (which is awesome on its own level) to a 4 chambered chest kicker. With that being said, some devices are perfect for beginners, while others are not for the ones with virgin lungs. These days, there are millions of different types of pipes, but here’s my favorite types.


Ahhh, the bong. The perfect friend to have after a long day at work, or the perfect host for a kickback. One man-sized hit, or a few little boy sized pulls will definitely get the job done. Want less choke and more toke? Add some ice in the water. The little bongs are cool, but I love the taller ones. Wanna go to sleep? Just load a bowl of your favorite indica, take 1 man-sized hit, and just sit back.

One Hitter

In my opinion, this is the handiest pipe ever made in the course of human existence. Do you have square family members visiting? Go outside and smoke your one hitter. Do you want a quick and inconspicuous buzz on your lunch break? Smoke your one hitter (I neither endorse nor shun getting lifted at work). Do you have a flight to catch, but don’t want to hassle with yourself smelling like gelato walking through TSA checkpoints? Smoke your one hitter and leave that at home (I DO approve of being high on an airplane).


Ooooooooh. The bubbler. You just feel like somebody when you smoke a bubbler. Never smoked a bubbler before? Just imagine yourself at an upper class formal dinner, and you’re in the smoking section listening to classical music as you pull. Yeah, nice isn’t it? Go buy you one. I triple dog dare you.

420 is in 2 days! No matter what you use to consume cannabis, just do it!

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