“STG” is a dynamic rap group from Sumter, South Carolina who is breaking down doors on the SC rap scene. The group “STG” consists of  Jalen “King Hood” Hill (23) and  Farronzo “BadNews” Holmes (24); the duo has been tearing up the Carolina’s and the SouthEastern pipeline with promotion and shows. All of this hardwork eventually paid off besause it has them on the radar of HipHop Magazine XXL as pissible picks for this year’s XXL Freshman class. “STG” has performed at multiple venues in multiple states  and has also opened up for multiple major artists. Upcoming projects form the group include the mixtape “Drug Love”, Floyd “Badnews” Mayweather, and King Hood’s “More Than Music”. While the group remains independent, the goal they say;  is to receive a major distribution deal or major deal all in one. I’ve had a chance to ask the group a few questions via email:

Who are your musical influences?
Biggie, 2pac, Jay, Nas, Wayne, AZ, The Wu, Outkast, UGK, ETC
If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?
Nobody, because we are original.
Who are your heroes? 
Our Parents
What do you think your listeners get out of your music?
Substance, Understanding, BARZ, real life, the struggle, the come up. Most importantly, they get STG
What made you want to get into the music business?
Love for Music, Letting our voices be heard and our stories told, and of course the money.
What do you think about the music scene in South Carolina?
A lot of talent, but no Unity.
How do you feel about the current music coming out?
Its great. Its a new culture now so we gotta accept it and embrace it, as well as adjust to it.
What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
Everything possible. Especially set generations of our families up for success, like the Walton Family, or the Rocafeller’s.
Check out the official trailer for “DRUG LOVE” here now:
You can contact “STG” on all social media at: 
Instagram – @Badnews_2trilla , @1kinghood
Snapchat – @badnews_stg , @only1kinghood
 Booking Contact (DEZ) at – DEZDAKING23@GMAIL.COM
Various works are also on iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube 
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