Straight Official Magazine was able to sit down with the multi-talented, driven, artists of Enlightenment Entertainment, a music group out of Buffalo, NY composed of Western New York natives T-Hood, Dom-P, and Twin2xs. We even got a chance to kick it with the team’s producer Waverly Beats. Enlightenment Entertainment is on a mission to take over, they’ve been traveling, doing shows, and opening up for some major artists. Enlightenment welcomed Straight Official Magazine into their home for an exclusive interview and shared their experiences, gave advice, and let us know what they’re going to be up to next on this remarkable journey to stardom.

SOM: Introduce yourselves, can you let everybody know a little bit about Enlightenment?

Twin2xs: Two times artist of an artist I started off here to help but now i’m on a whole new journey.

Dom P: It’s ya boy Dom P. CEO of Enlightenment Ent./Artist, we in the building, as a co-founder, an artist as well

T-Hood: It’s Tina, T-Hood, born and raised Buffalo, NY, President of Enlightenment Entertainment. We’ve been grinding for about six years straight and started opening up for major artists like Curren$y, PMB Rock, Shy Glizzy, Dae Dae, Chevy Woods. and MGK artist Dub-O. The Hood Princess dropped today, my first solo mixtape make sure you grab a copy. But me i’m a silly goofy person with this ni*** mentality so that’s where you have it, The Hood Princess.

“My favorite performance was opening up for Chevy Woods and being able to kick it with the Taylor Gang.”

SOM: When did you make your debut as an artist?

T-Hood: We’ve been doing music since 2010. I didn’t make my debut as an artist six years ago, but that’s went Enlightenment Entertainment became an LLC. 

Dom P: I’ve been doing music since 2010 Enlightenment Music Vol. 1 with the whole Enlightenment Entertainment family. Then I went on as a solo artist after that.

T-Hood: Enlightenment Music Vol. 1 was the original Enlightenment Entertainment team, now,  it’s just me and Dom P.

Twin2xs: 2013, I started out with Free Wise Ent., I started out as a promo team with them, so if you were willing to grind around me, I was willing to grind for you and get your music out there as long as it’s hot. I just love music. Dom P asked me to get on a track with Enlightenment., I told him, If you ain’t grindin’ I ain’t going with you no where.

SOM: Who are your top 5 artists signed or unsigned?

Tina: T-Hood, DomP, Twin 2xs, Miss Mye, and my favorite rapper would have to be Busta Rhymes

Dom P:  Biggie Tupac, Jay-z, Nas, and Jadakiss

Twin2xs: Two Times, I got a couple unsigned;  Hood, P, BRicky SHakur, and Hov.

SOM: In which direction do you think the rap game is going?

T-Hood: To be honest with you, now that they’re approaching these mumble rappers, letting them know they’re sh*t is bullsh*t, excuse my French, I think it should be going in the right direction. Simple, it sucks, it’s repetitive,  it’s just beats and hooks right now.

Dom P: It’s a little mediocre. The Get Away is out now and The Foundation  now that’s rap.

Twin2xs: Half way down the drain. I can’t even call it music.

“”Do it for the passion, f**k the fame.” 

SOM: What’s the inspiration behind your music?

Dom P: The struggle, everyday life, growing up in the hood with nothing and being inspired. I want to be that dude who came from nothing but was able to influence the people in my life in a positive way. Change my life, the community, and eventually the world.

Tina: I know when I get into my moods, and I don’t know how to express myself, I write. I write it out in poetry, a little story, I write, that’s where me even rapping came from, not being able to express myself to who I want to express it to, I write.

Twin2xs: I’m a product of my environment and it comes out in bits and pieces. Music helps me breathe, it helps me get through my life, in my raps you hear me say that I need to clear my mind. Music clears my mind.

SOM: T-Hood, your mixtape dropped today, what can listeners be ready for? Where can they find your music?

T-Hood: The Hood Princess can be downloaded here. I’ve been working on it for the last two years and it covers the span of me growing with my music and my way of writing. I’m vulnerable on this album,  I sing, I rap, I freestyle, of course some dope lyrics. I have a song on there with my niece dedicated to my mom and grandmother who both passed away, that’s number one on the CD. We’re doing a video to “They Be Lovin’ My Swag.” Make sure you take a listen and give honest feedback. I love feedback.

Dom P: The Get Away is out now too on check it out

Twin2xs: Grind Hard Hustle Harder will be dropping July 30th. Be sure to be on the lookout

“Now that they’re approaching these mumble rappers, letting them know they’re sh*t is bullsh*t, it should be going in the right direction”

SOM: What do you feel is necessary to understand about making music and putting your music out there?

T-Hood: Don’t put out no garbage, if you’re not satisfied with it, don’t put it out, throw it in the garbage because that’s what it is, garbage.

Dom P: Make sense with your records. I want to understand what you’re saying and have a message.

 Twin2xs: Stop making music for the money, do it for the passion, f**k the fame.

SOM: Tell us, what gets you all ready for a performance?

Tina: It never fails, nothing starts Enlightenment’s show better than an argument with me and Dom P.

Dom P: But the energy is there off that. It’s a good show, we’re motivated off the opportunity to be able to perform.

Tina: Oh, I’m always ready, I’ve been performing on stage since I was in the sixth grade. I just love being in the spotlight and center of attention.

Twin2xs: Every joint they argue they are turnt the f** up when they perform and I gotta go through that two times. I just love music, and i’m hype that I’m getting ready to put my shit out to the world.

SOM: We know you’ve been traveling on the road and performing, can you tell us the most memorable performance thus far?

Twin2xs: Oh, i’ll start it, it’s a performance where we didn’t even perform, that just topped it. We were supposed to open up for an act in Rochester. All night our slot is coming up slowly but surely, we’re supposed to perform before the headliner. Long story short, the headliner comes up, he starts performing, we didn’t perform yet. So we pressed the manager. we sold our tickets, showed up and ended up not even performing and it got a little bit real, real quick, almost violent, but we got our point across. After that, we’ve been  opening up for major artists ever since.

T-Hood: Yeaaaah, but wait, that show was the show that got us our booking agent.

Dom P.: My favorite performance was opening up for Chevy Woods and being able to kick it with the Taylor Gang. That day was a crazy day, I mean we had to perform but had just got the news that we lost a family member, that was the day T’s grandmother passed. We still went out to Cleveland to perform and that experience was amazing.

T-Hood: My favorite show was the Love and Hip Hop series for my birthday. That show, I put together, and watched my idea come to life. Like, I know we perform and open up a lot but that was the largest turn out that we’ve had, I mean people that we didn’t even know came out to show love and was rocking with us from Buffalo, home based.

“I’m vulnerable on this album,  I sing, I rap, I freestyle, of course some dope lyrics.”

SOM: Is there a song that you recorded that is just your favorite?  Which one?

Dom P: There is not one song that I put out that isn’t my favorite. but my favorite song is the foundation because we built this from the ground up and that song is really giving you the meaning of Enlightenment Ent. Me, T, and Twin2xs. I mean without a foundation, you got nothing and it’s real.

T-Hood: All my songs are my favorite, I can tell you that my favorite song to perform is I Got It. It get’s the ladies hype.

Twin2xs: Jumpman, it’s dropping real soon thanks to Flex Beats.

SOM: Can you let everybody know how they can find you? What’s everyone’s social media handles?

T-Hood: I’m at PrincessTina716 on Twitter and Instagram 
Dom P: You can find me at @Domp19 on Twitter and @DaRealDomP on Instagram. Enlightenment Entertainment also has a fan page on Facebook.
Twin2xs: Twin2xs on Twitter and Instagram and make sure you check out the soundcloud, datpiff, and youtube.

SOM: Alright, there are a lot of young people who want to break into the industry, what is the best advice that you can give someone who is looking to get into music?

Dom P: Stay true to yourself, stay grinding, stay real, focused and motivated, and one day you’re going to get what you worked for.

T-Hood: If you’re gonna do it, do it 100% don’t do it half way,

Twin2xs: F**k the fame.

SOM: What can the people expect next from Enlightenment Entertainment?

T-Hood: Stay tuned for more tour dates, shows, and new music from Enlightenment. We’ve all been in the studio and have some new music, so be on the look out for our next single Jumpman.

Dom-P: Bigger and better things, better music, bigger shows, more videos, visuals, check out our YouTube.

Straight Official Magazine would like to thank the Enlightenment Entertainment team for inviting us into their home for an interview on this Cinco De Mayo weekend. Make sure you follow the Enlightenment Entertainment group on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, DatPiff, and Soundcloud, and be on the look out for tour dates and new music releases.

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