Before, I’ve covered DAW programs. To recap, DAWs are Digital Audio Workstations, and they are used from making beats to recording songs. Now, I am going to cover VST plugins. VST, or Virtual Studio Technology, has been the future for some years, if that makes sense.

VSTs serve a very wide range of purposes. One main purpose producers use them for is to lay unique sounds on beats. Engineers may use VSTs with the mixing of vocals. Some creators use them for both of the said purposes. Me personally, I use them for any purpose, depending on the situation. I will cover the use of VSTs when recording on another day. In a producer’s world alone today, VSTs are the bread and butter.


This has to be my favorite VST today. The VST itself has to be around 70 GB alone, but it is all worth it. I literally haven’t been through all of the sounds this one has, not to mention newer expansion packs are being released. If you want that unique sound, get this one.


This VST comes in second place in my book. Since the early 2010s, you have heard this one in many hit tracks. Although this VST is aging, it still serves its main purpose. If you’re a trap rnb, or edm producer, this one is for you.

Those are the 2 I’m covering today. See you next time for more.

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