Its that time again, well yesterday was the real time to release this epic Get Hip W/DJ Mos Precious feature but you know it was Mother’s Day, and family time. So this feature is being released later than expected. Sorry to all my readers!!!!

Mookie Tolliver, a Illnois based singer has been really working hard for many years. I have watched him evolved and seeing a few of his stage shows. I must say he surely gives his all on every stage he touches. Performing in Houston and surrounding areas of the Midwest, he is cooking up a great campaign for himself. I want to introduce you guys to this hard working artist.

“Love on Top” shows a loving boyfriend wining his hard working lady. After a hard and long working day, she arrives at his house to a big hug. Mookie really expressed himself to the leading lady in this video. This is a great song for lover’s day!!!! [Valentine’s Day]!! He had a bubble bath ready, cleaned the house and dinner brewing before she arrived. Ladies you know this is a dream come true in a loving relationship!!!

After coming across this video, I stumbled on many others of his. He surely knows how to select tracks to lace and artists to connect with for a classic feature.

Head over to his youtube page to watch his videos like a mini movie.


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