When it comes to hair removal, we all need it. It’s time to hit the beach, a cookout, whatever your little heart desires, and you don’t want anyone paying more attention to your unruly hair than the brand new bathing suit you just bought online. Even men do their own grooming. They might just wanna shape up their brows, some want to remove their back hair, either way though, at some point this summer people will be tempted to whip out their razor and get to shaving. Well, take my advice, and walk straight past those damaging razors. It’s time to change up your routine for not just the summer, but a lifetime!
Picture a way you could remove your hair and see no growth at all for 2 weeks. What if you no longer had to worry about shaving and buying a new razor? Imagine never cutting yourself and crying out in pain as the warm water and blood trickle down your leg and into the drain. Can you see it, the bliss of a razor free life?
Good, because I am about to let you in on a well-known yet still frequently overlooked hair removal option.
Something many people don’t think of for hair removal is waxing unless of course, it’s for your eyebrows. Yes, shaving happens quickly in the shower, but it also leaves razor bumps, grows back quickly, and can clog your drain at home. Not only that, but let’s reflect on those moments you ran the blade with the wrong pressure against your shin… it’s so hard to think about! All that blood and pain and agony!!!!
Well with waxing you can leave all of that behind! It’s not only quick but long-lasting! Recently I got waxed for my first time and it took 2 weeks before I saw any hair growth. Not one tiny hair peeped out until 2 weeks after my wax!! That alone had me sold and singing “In-in-incredibleee” *Future Voice* every time I hopped in the shower without a razor!
Now, I got a brazilian and my lower legs done, but waxing centers offer everything from upper lip and eyebrow to underarm and your full butt, so the opportunities are endless when it comes to what you can get removed. My leg hair and bikini area grew back so much thinner too! I don’t think I could ever go back to shaving those areas again!
Let’s go over each individual benefit, and one “trade off”, of waxing so you can decide for yourself if this method is for you!
The Process Is Quick and Your Showers Are Shorter
Waxing is great for many reasons, but my favorite is the fact I am not spending an extra 15-20 minutes in the shower. Now showers, or baths if you’re that type of chick, can be more relaxing and focused on other important things like exfoliation. You also don’t have to look like this….
Also, waxing is generally faster than shaving. At European Wax Center, yes I am name dropping here, it takes 15 minutes or less for most services, including my personal favorite, the brazilian. They will get you in and out in no time and you’ll be smooth as a baby until your next visit.
It Thins Your Hair
Another plus is how thin your hair will get. I can speak for everyone when I say you will love that part more than the fact you aren’t shaving. After my first wax, I saw a difference when the hair finally started growing in. Not only did it thin the hair, but it grew back patchy in the best of ways.
Some even say it stops their hair growth in general. Why? Because waxing pulls your hair from the root. After you start to get waxed consistently you will see an even bigger change in your hair growth, the thickness, and the smoothness. My leg hair is even smoother when it’s grown out before my waxes now!
It Grows Back Slower
Like I said before, it takes a while before you see any hair growth at all. Generally after a few days or for some, even the next day after shaving, you will need to shave again. That is ridiculous and you should have to suffer no longer.
Waxing results always differ with each person but overall results remain the same. In my opinion, my hair grows thick and fast. I didn’t see any hair growth at all until a week and a half and still, at 4 weeks, my hair has grown in, but patchy and thin. I could low key wait even longer in between waxes.
*Generally, most people wax every 4 weeks, but 3-5 weeks is the general time span in between services.
It Doesn’t Make You Bleed
I mean this benefit comes without the need for explanation, but really… You no longer have to worry about cutting yourself and watching your blood gush from your ankle as you sit crying in the shower.
Okay fine, it isn’t that dramatic, but that’s how it feels right?
It Doesn’t Cause Razor Bumps (BUT, You MIGHT Get Ingrown Hairs)
Now, this is the “trade off” I was talking about. You will no longer have those pesky razor bumps, which is a plus, but ingrown hairs might be a problem.
Luckily, there is a fix for that and they’re called ingrown hair serums. I go to European Wax Center for all of my waxes, so I just buy their line of ingrown hair products. They offer ingrown hair wipes which are great for traveling and also a serum to use at home twice a day. In my own experience, the serum works well as a spot treatment and gets rid of the ingrowns that have already appeared. It works fast within one day.
Considering ingrown hairs are the only true downfall to waxing, I absolutely love the entire process. I still shave my underarms, but that is soon to change in the near future! I hear that waxing underarms can lighten the area as well, which is something a few of us really suffer from.
If those things alone don’t have you rushing to book your first appointment, consider calling them in the name of a discount! European Wax Center offers their first-time guest complimentary underarms, eyebrows, or bikini line. If you were hoping to get a full bikini or brazilian, that’s cool too. They offer 50% off (without the free service) for the other two bikini services!
Are you guys excited to try waxing for your first time? Or have you already? Let me know about your first-time experience below!
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