[FEATURED] #BiggieWeek: Jason Bourne sits down with “Itzz FrosT”

Kicking off my#BiggieWeek tribute I have sat down to interview Brooklyn native Itzz Frost about his latest single, You Mad, his influences in music and overall plans for 2017.  His work with Beatknocka Productions has allowed him to become a respected MC on the Big Apple scene, and his hope is that his pledge to real Hip Hop allows fans to support in his plight to bring back that organic New York sound. Check out the exclusive interview below:
Jason Bourne: Itzz Frost – lets talk about the significance of the name; how long have your performing under the name and what was the motivation ?
Itzz Frost:I’ve been performing under the stage name “Frost” since I started recording music in 2009.  The name Frost was given to me at the age of 14 by an O.G. in Fort Greene projects . He used the name to describe my personality which was meant for a cool iced out young dude with a humble attitude.
Jason Bourne: You start off in the single You Mad with a line that says “Don’t talk about the city.” I wanted to touch on that. As an up and comer in the Big Apple do you feel a responsibility to even the playing field between NYC and other areas in the Hip Hop arena?
Itzz Frost: I definitely do. I think a lot of areas in today’s music is discrediting New York rappers for what we brought to the game back in the day . I feel they are trying to wipe away the bars and creativity behind struggling stories so today’s music can continue to draw a lot of attention.
Jason Bourne: One of the subjects of this series of interviews is the late great B.I.G; how much of an influence has he been on you musically as a Brooklyn bred MC ?
Itzz Frost: The Notorious B.I.G has been a huge influence on my music from watching and listening to him since I was 7 years old . I’ve watched biggie go from standing on his stoop rapping to islands with white sand making his dreams come true when people told him he couldn’t do it.
Jason Bourne: Aside from this single, what are some other singles and projects of note that you have released ?
I have an EP titled I Thank You which is available now.
I also have two(2)other mixtapes NightMare Of The Remix Volumes 1 & 2 which are online as well.
I have been very consistent in dropping videos, all of which are available on YouTube. Other media work includes me being featured on Vevo and a lot of different blogs.
Jason Bourne: In your bio you mention a stamp of approval from Pete Rock a legend in Hip Hop. What are some gems you have learned from him ?
Itzz Frost: What I’ve learned from Pete rock is to be comfortable with your style of hip hop no matter how anyone else is doing it. Stay true to yourself and release nothing but quality music with substance. With Lyrics and great production you can’t go wrong.
Jason Bourne: What is your creative process like ?
My creative process begins with me listening on the beat. I create to the beat first, putting together a nice flow and great concept. Once I get that down pact,  I move on to creating the chorus and I build around that making sure that the direction of the song speaks to the people or that the people can relate to the verses.
Jason Bourne: What can we expect from you as the summer approaches ?
Itzz Frost: You can expect a lot of hard work, performances, videos and constant push of my brand new single YOU MAD.
Jason Bourne: Where can the public ️stay connected with you and get more updates going forward ?
Itzz Frost: The public can follow me on social media. My Instagram is @ItzzFrost4Real). My Twitter is @ItzzFrost. I also have music on Soundcloud available: SoundCloud.Com/ItzzFrost.
Jason Bourne: Any shout-outs?
Itzz Frost: I would like to S/O all my supporters. My engineer Dolla (@BeatKnocKa). My producer Pete Rock as well as my kids and everyone in my corner who’s always there.
Purchase You Mad Here:
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