The genre of Hip-Hop has a lineage that spans over 40 years. During this time we have seen the movement spread like wildfire across the world, with its influence being an undeniable force on both our society and culture.

From its humble beginnings on the East Coast, the trek to the West Coast and all points in between, Hip-Hop has done everything it was intended to provide the world with the voice of those who live, eat, sleep and breathe it.

As we continue on our #ThrowbackThursday grind, we take a look at three album releases from some of Hip-Hop’s most engaging artists. Be sure to check in with us every week as we go back in the day to highlight the history of this powerful movement…LEGGO!!

BIG DADDY KANE- Looks Like a Job For…

In May of 1993, BDK would release his fifth studio album under Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros. Records. Two years removed from the Prince of Darkness album, Dark Gable would return to the style that won him critical acclaim with production that ranged from TrackMasters, Easy Mo Bee and Large Professor to name a few. Lead singles such as “Very Special” would propel BDK up the Billboard Top 100 charts as well as the unforgettable “Nuff Respect” remix which was featured in the hit motion picture “Juice.” Kane is a legend of the movement and one of Hip-Hop’s pioneers. It was great to hear the rugged style again that seemed to go missing from earlier projects.

SLICK RICK- The Art of Storytelling

The final chapter of an illustrious career in Hip-Hop was documented on May 25, 1999 when Slick Rick released his fourth and final studio album. The British-American MC went out with a bang as the album would feature 5 lead singles and the production of the album was handled by DJ Clark Kent, Kid Capri and Tone and Poke. Dubbed as his most successful release, the album would be certified gold within one month of its release as well as snatching a No. 1 spot on Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart in the U.S. The track “Frozen” featuring Raekwon is one of my faves off the album and is a must-own for true heads of Hip-Hop.

COMPTON’S MOST WANTED- It’s a Compton Thang

The West Coast embraced Hip-Hop unlike any other region in the U.S. The birth of Gangsta Rap was groundbreaking and controversial as several MC’S would step up to represent. In June of 1990, Compton’s Most Wanted would release their debut album under Orpheus Records. MC Eiht, Tha Chill, Boom Bam, Ant Capone and DJ Mike T would combine to give us that G-funk West Coast style that bumped out the back of old schools for years. Produced entirely by DJ Slip and The Unknown DJ, the album would rest in the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts at #32 and would serve as a launchpad for many MC’s to follow.

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