Straight outta of St. Louis upcoming talent ABO is cooking up a recipe of success with his strong movement called BloodBrothers Lifestyle. What is BloodBrothers Lifestyle you ask? Its more than a brand, its a lifestyle. As ABO expressed his lifestyle is the build up for his big brothers program he is planning to release.

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But before he started a career of an recording artist, he worked hard to build his modeling and party promoting careers through the Missouri region and he is surely not afraid of hard work. As a new artist, ABO is linking with the citiest finest to help him make the right decisons and moves to help his career process further than any other artists to just be starting out.

Who is ABO? is the introduction to his career and reintroducing his fellow supporters to who is becoming. I stopped to ask him [Who Is ABO]? A man of suspense he replies, “you will have to watch and see what I am creating!? Stay Tuned to what’s next to drop from this talented artist, model and business man. He is working on setting trends that none other has thought to create yet!


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