Ladies, it’s time that we undo the bra. Yes, I said it, let those tits hang free! For one week straight I went braless and it was the most liberating experience ever. My mini bra protest couldn’t have come at a better time! Summer is right around the corner and with the rising temperatures; the clothing is becoming less and less anyway, so I figured, why not? In that week of no bra and sometimes no underwear, I found that my breast naturally got perkier and I was less inclined to fiddle with loosened or tightened bra straps. Think about it, is the bra really (italicized for emphasis) necessary? Simple answer, no. Society has accepted the lie that a bra creates “support” and what not, but naturally your chest has muscles, that keep your breasts in place and perky. A bra only weakens what your body does naturally. Below are some benefits to going braless:



Bra’s can be sexy items of clothing, only to be worn for those few seconds before your man or woman takes you down, but they can also be uncomfortable little suckers. For example, I’m a 36D and for those of us whom are blessed to be buxom, bra’s can be a challenge. At first, I was a little weary about going braless and having a cup size larger than a B but it wasn’t bad at all. I noticed people would look and then stare. I got used to it and would keep it moving. I felt freedom at its best and that’s going without a bra.




Naturally Perky

The anatomy of the breast are broken into quite a few sections. First, let’s identify what the breast is on a woman’s body. The breast is the fatty tissue that covers the pectoral or chest. From there, the breast has 15-20 sections which are called lobes. Each lobe has its own smaller structure called “lobules,” which aid in the production of milk. Breasts also have ducts where milk travels and exits through the nipple which sits in the center of the areola. The structure of the breast is supported by ligaments and connective tissues which also contain blood vessels, lymph vessels, and lymph nodes.

Breast Health

I follow and on her site she mentioned, “Though controversial, several doctors and researchers have pointed to a link between bras (especially underwire bras) and increased risk of breast cysts and cancer. The theory is that regularly wearing  a snug fitting bra at this point of the body can restrict lymph flow and impede the body’s ability to remove toxins from this part of the body.”(Katie, 2017) I’ll admit, as I get older, I become a little bit more health conscious. I’ve opted for avocado over mayo, and drink more water than I used to, and I even practice holistic healing. Reading the article “How to Improve Breast Health,” I figured wearing a bra didn’t have as many health benefits as I thought. You actually do not need a bra for support.


As stated before, the breasts have blood vessels, making them an important point in the circulation of blood from the heart through the body. Remember wearing a rubber band on your wrist and then either noticing your hand going numb/cold or a deep mark on your wrists? Well, bra’s do the same thing to your breasts and the surrounding areas. It cuts off circulation of blood flow.

Sleep Aid

Due to the natural circulation of blood flow in the body, you have no articles of clothing restricting that blood flow. In turn, the body can rest and restore its energy from the busy day and the heart can continue pumping blood through the body with no restrictions.

Okay, so, maybe you’re not completely convinced. At least try sleeping without a bra. Give your boobs a break! Remember the more you know, the more you grow!

Love and Light

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