Threesome, ménage a trois, girlfriends girlfriend, boy toy’s friend, you name it, that’s what I mean. An interesting post in my Instagram feed tickled my fancy. I brushed it off because it seemed one sided until this past weekend. My girlfriend from Charlotte was visiting and of course we had girl’s night. During our girl talk and after a few glasses of D’usse and Lemonade, we jumped on the topic of threesome’s. A few of us confessed that it was on our bucket list’s. Exactly where is neither here nor there but the fact is, it’s on there as a thing to do.  In our conversation I brought up the Instagram post about threesomes and how they were perceived by my instafriend. Our instafriend says:

“What’s the point of a threesome, like seriously? Are our women that thirsty to the point that they’ll force themselves to give their no-good man a threesome?”

Thirsty, eh no. I’m a fan of the comments section on anything controversial and the ladies and men alike went on agreeing and disagreeing, but it made me think about the context. A threesome doesn’t necessarily mean that a partner isn’t sexually satisfied, nor does it necessarily make that the man is “no good.” There are a number of indicators of an unsatisfied partner; disinterest is certainly one of them, but inquiring about a threesome can be harmless until it is meant with resistance.

Our #instafriend then went on to say, “A threesome is a clear indicator that he’s cheating, A threesome is consensual cheating, how about that? A threesome is a clear indicator that in order for him to reach his ‘Zenith’ with you sexually, another woman must be present. Men are logical/linear while women are very emotional/philosophical, so…once s hint is given, take it! Alright?”

Remember the episode of The Game? When Melanie and Derwin were trying to spice up their sex life, more so Melanie and she surprised him with a threesome that went awry? Well, that is the perfect illustration on what not to do if you feel like your relationship needs spice but uncertain on how. Derwin, whom had been blind-folded, preferred the way that the other woman kissed and Melanie was not having it. Moral of the story is to be open with your partner about what you want sexually. Communicate with each other and be enlightened.

A threesome could be healthy to your relationship and here’s why:

  1. You and your partner have reached a secure point in your relationship.
  2. This allows you both to discuss sexual desires, dislikes, and fantasies.
  3. A threesome could potentially be worth exploring as long as you both mutually agree with boundaries.


*DISCLAIMER* A threesome CANNOT fix a broken relationship. If you’re uncomfortable with it, as with any sexual act, then don’t do it. If you have even the slightest doubt, don’t do it, there is a chance that it could then make a failing relationship worse.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Have you? Would you? Let’s chat!

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