My travels across the Circle City to highlight our vast Hip-Hop scene has me all over the place. To see independent artists grinding and honing their craft further promotes the notion that there’s more than corn in Indiana.

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of being in the home of Classic Entertainment’s own OMEGA LEGACY as we caught up on old times and talked about his upcoming sophomore effort Back From The Future. One month removed from the Hard Work Pays Off tour that landed in over 30 cities, the big man still shows no signs of fatigue as his energy is present when talking about the opportunity.

“The tour was great as it allowed me to link with so many of my fans and was a great benefit in terms of being able to tap into so many markets.” Omega toured with Chucky Workclothes, Young Bleed, Syke Pachino and many others. His second project will definitely be a first in terms of official title. “The first project was a mixtape to get me out there. This one is going to be my first album. This will be my Reasonable Doubt, my Illmatic, so to speak.”

BFTF will also feature original production and won’t have the mixtape feel to it. “I sat with producers and actually made the album with some great producers here and everywhere like Legendary Tracks, Syke Pachino and others. That’s something that is rare today as far as having the time to make that jewel of an album but this is my first time coming so it’s a special album.”

The art of storytelling in Hip-Hop is becoming a lost art and Omega brings back that element with a single titled “Jonesin’” that hits home for the Naptown MC. “The inspiration was all real. I speak on two characters in the song, one was my relative with a drug addiction. The other is my uncle who couldn’t get past his addictions.”

One of the great themes about BFTF is the incorporation of a great movie franchise in Back To The Future. “I wanted to do something nostalgic with the album. I love the franchise and wanted to continue to tell these stories using a familiar vehicle to go back in time to do it so why not use the DeLorean!”

Back From The Future will be available soon and you can find out more about Omega and his upcoming album by visiting his website at to find out about his clothing line and upcoming tour dates. You can follow him via social media and check out his newest single “Jonesin’” down below.

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