After a hiatus, Bo Dean returns with a once in a lifetime St. Louis stage show featuring a live band and a lot of musicial energy. Featuring acts like Miistro Freeyo and Sal Calhoon, and Poetiq x and The Poets will be taken over the Duck Room at one of the livest concert halls in the Loop area, Blueberry Hill.

As the city awaits FROAmerica, Bo Dean is cooking up one  of his best masterpieces til date. After losing his Father to cancer and re-balancing his career and life. This concert will be more of a reward to the growth within his life. I am personally asking the city and surrounding people to attend this event. I feel it will be a great night for St. Louis Music Scene with some of the top artists evolving on the Midwest caliber of waves.


As a special treat for being one of my readers is a an exclusive listen tp song collection here!!!


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